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New Look, Inc.


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

The companies marketing plan is: 

  • Public relations. Press releases are issued to both technical trade journals and major business publications such as DNR Magazine.
  • Trade shows. Company representatives will attend and participate in several trade shows such as Magic in Las Vegas.
  • Print advertising. The company’s print advertising program includes advertisements in magazines such as Code, and Rap Pages.
  • Website. New Look plans to establish a presence on the Internet by developing a website. Plans are underway to develop a professional and effective site that will be interactive and from which sales will be generated worldwide. When up and running the customers who choose will be able to purchase our clothes from the comfort of their own home. We will even offer free expedited shipping to our reglars. 
  • Social Media – We will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Celebrities will be seen wearing our clothes on Facebook and Instagram. We will also run sales and promotions online. We will speak with our customers as well as have them speak back on Twitter. Youtube will be used as a way of promoting our clothing line designers. They will answer questions about fashion "dos and don’ts" and the best way to pick their color palate. 
  • The company also plans to use various other channels including billboards, radio and television commercials, and a street team.

Sales Plan

New Look intends to build a sales team that will be tasked with generating sales leads on a regional and national basis. They will also be responsible for establishing connections with retail outlets.

A key factor in the success of New Look will be its distribution. The company plans to use the following retail distribution channels:

  • Department stores 
  • Apparel specialty stores 
  • Internet store

Several large retail chains-particularly in the athletic footwear sector-have developed formats called superstores, which have more square footage dedicated to a particular product category. 

Differences exist in the distribution mix for men’s, women’s, and children’s items. For example, more women’s apparel is purchased in specialty and department stores than is the case for men’s apparel. Men’s apparel is more prevalent in discount stores and general merchandise chains. In the children’s segment, a considerably higher portion of apparel is purchased in discount stores.

Catalogs are another important method of distribution. Consumers have less time to shop, and for some, catalog shopping offers a more convenient and pleasant alternative. 

The distribution channel that has received the most attention recently is the Internet. Although it now represents only a small portion of apparel sales, this distribution channel has the most potential for growth. Consumers like the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere and at anytime they wish. Manufacturers with Internet sites use them for marketing and informational purposes. With expected technological advances in hardware, software, and data pipelines in the future, shopping for apparel and footwear should gain popularity.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible
Plan vs. actual review
Jan 26, 2020 CEO
Plan vs. actual review
Feb 23, 2020 management team
Marketing plan
Mar 14, 2020 marketing manager
Plan vs. actual review
Mar 23, 2020 management team
Plan vs. actual review
Apr 27, 2020 management team
Online launch
May 15, 2020 marketing manager
Plan vs. actual review
May 25, 2020 management team
Plan vs. actual review
June 22, 2020 management team
Fall launch
Aug 15, 2020 marketing manager

Key Metrics

Key Metrics are: 

1 – Keeping track of the customers that mention the print publications. We want about 10 to 15 percent of our people to mention the add, use a code or a referral. We will be taking surveys and each cash register attendant is set to ask two questions, did any one help you, where did you hear about us? 

2 – Trade shows – Connect with designers and make manufacturing deals at trade shows. We will keep very good records of the cost of the trade show and the profit from going there. We must cover our costs and make 1 or 2 percent of sales or it is not worth it. 

3 – Public Relations – Keep the cost low and measure by overall sales. These are hard to see and measure directly. They fall under branding and will be seen in sales and Twitter and Facebook. We need to be on people’s minds, have them speaking about us. 

4 – Website. These are measured by page views and links and sharing and our sales on our site. We want 80 percent of the people who search for us and view our clothes to turn into online sales. Technology allows us to keep track of if they drop out and what point in the process. We will have sales people on chat standing by to help.