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Liquid Culture


Problem & Solution

Problem Worth Solving

Women enjoy the outdoors the same as men. They are able to hunt or hike or fish etc.  Why should men have all the fun? Women do not enjoy having the clothes be ugly and corse and the tools be designed to utilize a man’s strength. Women are equal to men. They do not need to be exactly like men. 

Our Solution

Liquid Culture’s mission is to present consumers with designs, styling and clothes that energizes any outdoor activity. Whether it be snowboarding, running along the beach, or drifting down a river, Liquid Culture has comfortable, durable clothing that will look and feel wonderful.

Target Market

Market Size & Segments

Liquid Culture will be focusing on two distinct groups of women that purchase outdoor clothing:

  • Women 17-25 years of age: Youth drives the market so this is the important group to attract to the website.  They have less money than the older group so we must give them what they want for less.  The key is to have inexpensive selections in each clothing group that have the popular cut. The company’s logo attractiveness to this group can not be stressed strongly enough. The initial small purchases will grow larger over time.
  • Women 26-40 years of age: They are the core group that will drive Liquid Culture’s success.  This target group is responsible for the growth of outdoor women’s wear.  They will be harder to pull into the website. Once there, the key will be promoting the quality, attractiveness and savings.  In addition, we will have to assure that the purchase will fit the way the customer wants it to.  It will be crucial that the return policy is hassle-free and speedy.


Current Alternatives

  • The women’s offerings at major online outdoor offerings including REI, Columbia, Patagonia, LLBean, and others. 
  • and other major sellers of generalized clothing include outdoor clothing for women. 
  • We also have women-specific competition, especially 

Our Advantages

Liquid Culture’s advantage is its focus on the process than on product.  The website is just the endpoint of an entire marketing program to drive customers’ interest in Liquid Culture.  Though we have confidence in the quality and attractiveness of our products, we know that building the road to the website is our most important job. 

Larry Wilson’s experience with South Face is pivotal to the success of Liquid Culture’s website.  South Face’s website averaged five million hits a year and is considered one of the most accessible and attractive websites in the clothing industry.  His experience is invaluable in assuring customers’ satisfaction with the shopping experience online.

Larry will introduce a new clothing measurement feature that is fun to use and will reduce customers confusion on how the clothing will fit.  This will increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

Maggie Granger will be in charge of the clothing design team. As senior clothing designer for Manic Woman Clothing, she watched the Manic Woman’s sales grow by 20% for the past five years.  Her clothing designs have been praised in the industry and have spawned many imitators.  With Liquid Culture, Maggie is ready to change how quality women’s outdoor clothing is sold. 

Liquid Culture’s agreement with third party fulfillment is another strong competitive advantage.  Our design team will work closely with the third party manufacturing facilities. The third parties will reduce our inventory needs and will produce sufficient product to meet the planned demand. This will keep production costs low for products and put a cap on Liquid Culture’s overhead.

Keys to Success

Keys to Success

Our keys to success are:

  • Tying into the trend towards independent successful women. Standing for equality. Meaning something to women. Caring. 
  • Social media. Our persona has to be real. It has to match who we really are and what we really believe. People smell fake. We won’t be. 
  • Accessible website that is entertaining to surf. Like a trip to your favorite store where you always find something new that you want.
  • Establishing a strong advertising campaign in a traditional media vehicle; i.e. magazines.
  • Excellent vendor relationship that will facilitate quality manufacturing of Liquid Culture’s clothing and quick shipment of orders.
  • Acquiring an excellent design staff.