Mother's House Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Service Business Plan

Management Summary

Mother's House Cleaning Service is owned and operated by Sarah Tookleen. It will be formed as a sole proprietorship. There is no compelling need to incorporate. The advantage of incorporation, limited liability, can be offset by good insurance.

Sarah Tookleen, founder and owner, has a degree in History from Alfred University. Sarah spent three of her four years in college working for a Sanitation Management cleaning service. Sanitation Management was both a residential and commercial cleaning service. Sarah worked on a cleaning crew with two other individuals. By the end of Sarah's third year she was promoted to crew manager and was responsible for coordinating the jobs for that crew, as well as all customer interactions. After college, Sarah moved from New York to Seattle where she was employed as a Manager of Immaculate Cleanception, a residential house cleaning service. Sarah managed the 23 person organization for two years. Her responsibilities included all facets of management including, hiring, training, customer service, inventory control, and purchasing. It was her experience at Immaculate Cleanception that provided Sarah with the skills and confidence to open up her own company. She decided to move Cleanly, an upscale suburb of Seattle with her husband and start her own company.

Personnel Plan

The staff will consist of Sarah working full time for MHCS. Initially Sarah will be working in both the office as well as on jobs, by the end of month two she will be working only in the office and will have hired an additional employee. Month five will see an additional two people hired, and month six will see two more hired for a total of six employees.

We will be paying our employees a competitive hourly wage, quite a bit more than minimum wage. This is calculated to attract a much higher caliber employee that is not looking for temporary employment, but a stable job environment. This is compounded by the fact that in order to make our training cost effective for us, we need this person to be a part of the company for an extended period of time, not just a few months until a better job comes along. In addition to paying an above market wage, we will be offering extensive training. This personal development will be another attraction for the high caliber employee. The need for the higher class employee is necessitated because of the upper end clients that we serve. In order to exceed the customer's expectations of our services, we need to have the right employee that has been properly trained and feels a sense of empowerment on the job.

Sarah will be paid a monthly salary. The rest of the profits will remain within the business.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Owner $24,000 $25,200 $26,460
Employees $86,889 $93,000 $102,000
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $110,889 $118,200 $128,460

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