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Mother's House Cleaning Service


Marketing & Sales.

Marketing Plan

We will market our company through a three pronged approach. One prong is the distribution of a color brochure detailing our services. The distribution of this document will be targeted to hit our chosen segment. This will be done by setting up strategic relationships with organizations or clubs whose members fits our targeted customer profile. Examples of this would be higher-end athletic clubs, country clubs, wine connoisseur clubs, etc. We will gain access to these clubs membership through deals where the club owners will receive our services for themselves to test the quality so they then feel comfortable with helping us by being a "cheerleader" for our service.

The second prong of our approach will be through word of mouth referrals. We will offer an economic incentive (such as a free visit) to our customers if they bring in new business for us. We believe this will be effective because the financial incentive will motivate their behavior, and people naturally like to share good things with their friends.

Our third and final prong is our Social Media Strategy. We will be on Twitter, listening to our customers as well as letting them know about our promotions. We will be on Facebook and Linked in with reviews and some environmentally safe "do it yourself" home cleaning remedies. This will let our customers get to know our employees in other circumstances than trying to get their business. 

Sales Plan

The sales process will begin through the qualification of leads generated from our marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will primarily generate leads through interest sparked from our brochures. Someone will call to receive more information about our service, while we will be able to give them an estimate over the phone, we would prefer to be able to get into their home and speak with them. On one hand we would be able to offer them a more accurate estimate. More importantly however, it provides us an opportunity to impress them with our company. We feel confident that since we are dealing with the affluent, who for many services are less price sensitive, are more likely to be impressed with our professionalism, "feel" an immediate trust bond forming, and sign up for the service.

For those clients whom we are only able to speak with over the phone, we will initially quote them a price. Because they are less price sensitive then the general population, we will then detail why our service is priced a bit higher than most. Mother’s House Cleaning Service will explain all of the different training systems and methodologies that each employee goes through, and what expectations are reasonable for the customer to form about our superior service. This conversation will leave the prospective customer the impression that MHCS is indeed different from the run of the mill residential cleaning services and that the price differential is justified.

Lastly, we will be qualifying the leads by explaining up front that our service is more expensive. This is not a fact that we are trying to hide. We are setting up an expectation for the customer that they can indeed expect more with our service. This "angle" is based on the assumption that many people are not thrilled with their current cleaning service. Sure they clean adequately, but there is not a trust bond formed as if you had the same house cleaner for 20 years who helped raise your children. This is how we will differentiate ourselves and ultimately win over new customers.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Business Plan Completion
Oct 10, 2020
Office Setup
Nov 01, 2020
Set up Supply room
Nov 21, 2020
Training Program
Dec 12, 2020

Key Metrics

  • Clients served. Watch for increases in clients served, as per keys to success.
  • Cash flow.
  • Leads and closes per lead
  • Close rate: leads to closes (goal is 30%)
  • New business and repeat business. 
  • Clients leaving