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Cigar Manufacturing Business Plan

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Cigar World

Management Summary

At Cigar World, our management philosophy is based on responsibility, hard work, and an immense desire to succeed. Below is a list of our key officers and their backgrounds.

Key Officers:

  • Michael Jones, president.
  • Nathan Smith, vice president.
  • John Thompson, production manager.

Confidential and Proprietary resume information has been omitted from this sample plan.

Personnel Plan
2000 2001 2002
President $36,000 $43,200 $47,500
Vice president $36,000 $43,200 $47,500
Production manager $36,000 $43,200 $47,500
Workers $132,000 $271,500 $323,500
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 10 15 16
Total Payroll $240,000 $401,100 $466,000

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