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Children's Play Program Business Plan

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Bees' Circus will start by sending direct mailings to parents of young children in northwest Monroe.  The mailer will announce an open house invitation to visit the facility.  In addition, Bees' Circus will offer a 20% discount on its activity and music classes.

Bees' Circus will also offer a discounted group rate (20%) to the area's announce centers.

5.1 Sales Strategy

The sales strategy of Bees' Circus will be to build from a base of satisfied customers.  The program will offer a 20% discount on class fees for each successful referral to Bees' Circus.  We will also offer one session free visits for any parent and child interested in exploring our program.

5.1.1 Sales Forecast

Bees' Circus anticipates that May will be weak month for classes.  Enrollment will increase steadily from June on. The following is the sales forecast for Bees' Circus.

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Classes $233,000 $258,000 $299,000
Parties $11,200 $14,000 $16,000
Total Sales $244,200 $272,000 $315,000
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Classes $11,500 $9,800 $11,300
Parties $0 $0 $0
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $11,500 $9,800 $11,300

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