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Bees' Circus


Bees’ Circus offers six different weekly classes for children newborn through four years. Activities are designed to help children develop balance, coordination and other sensory stimuli while having fun in a group play environment. 

Bees’ Circus also offers three music classes. Children 16 months through four years get to sing and move while getting their first taste of different musical beats and rhythms. Teachers introduce children to new musical styles each week, such as jazz, contemporary, and classical tunes. Activities such as instrument exploration, songs and movement to music are designed to provide a positive musical experience for parents and young children.

All play and music classes last 45 minutes and are taught to child-parent pairs in small groups. The fee is $100 per class.  The parents can pick which two weekday day sessions she wants to attend with her child.  Each class is a month long.

NewBees (newborn) classes addresses the special needs of newborns and their parents. Activities are designed to gently stimulate the baby’s learning skills with special toys, singing and gentle play.

BabyBees (6 – 14 months) will indulge your child’s natural curiosity and offer creative ways to practice emerging skills through fun-filled exploration of tunnels, slides, climbers, songs, movement activities, parachute play and more.

ToddlerBees (14 – 24 months) will use equipment and activities to learn cause and effect, coordination, balance and motor skill development. Playful movement activities and equipment exploration build pre- and early walking skills, while songs enrich emerging language.

RunningBees (24 -30 months) challenges a child’s growing body with slides, climbers, balls and tunnels. Activities also focus on language skills and social interaction. 

BuzzingBees (30- 36 months) will focus on themes like “Dinosaur Day,” “Under the Sea,” and “Forest Fun” with movement stories, puppetry and songs. Physical activity will be combined with imaginative play where children will construct stories. Listening skills and body awareness grow as your child explores our playscapes, creates roles and predicts outcomes. Playfully structured movement to music provide experiences in group interaction and social development.

JumpingBees (37- 46 months) will explore pre-sports and pre-gymnastic skills including kicking, throwing and catching. Each exciting class builds listening skills and coordination while emphasizing cooperative play and encouraging new friendships.

The music program has three levels.

HummingBees (16- 24 months) will build a repertoire of songs to sing together that supports your child’s awareness of melody, pitch and rhythm. Children learn musical phrasing, rhythm and simple musical rules through playful scarf activities, baby dances and ball games. Explore safe and age appropriate instruments, enjoy soothing lullabies from around the world and immerse your baby in activities that build a solid musical foundation to grow on.

DrummingBees (25- 36 months) will use activities such as lap rides, dancing and instrument exploration to help children develop a sense of steady beat and create an atmosphere of fun. Pitch and tone are explored through songs and listening activities. Every three weeks, a new musical style is introduced, exposing your child to a variety of musical genres such as latin, rock ‘n’ roll, and classical for a musical learning adventure.

SingingBees (37 – 48 months) is designed to support and challenge emerging skills, together you’ll share a world of music. Children are encouraged to discover their singing voice and make music of their own as they explore different instruments. Self esteem and social skills get a real boost as your child engages in group songs, chants and finger plays and imagination and listening skills build as children express themselves to music.

Birthday parties at Bees’ Circus. In addition to the extensive program of classes, Bees’ Circus can host a child’s birthday party providing great activities for kids and an easy experience for parents. An enthusiastic Bees’ Circus staff member leads the activities as the birthday child and his or her friends and parents play, laugh, and sing together, creating a memorable celebration.