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Kid's Community College


Kid’s Community College® offers upscale child care services and an advanced collegiate based curriculum designed for kids ages 4 months to 5 years and 1st through 5th grades.  Normal operating hours will be 6:45am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday – with observance of all major legal holidays.  Early drop-off service will be offered as needed. 

KCC exists to provide Premier child care services that are aimed at enhancing traditional day care methodologies and integrating extracurricular interests (such as arts and crafts, dance, theatre and gymnastics) into one comprehensive program.  Our activity based collegiate curriculum is specifically tailored for children and mirrors the arts and sciences taught at colleges, universities and vocational schools around the nation.  We offer state-of-the-art technology programs in leading-edge facilities which help prepare students for the technology age in which they live.  Our general and “continuing” education programs help mentor and tutor students through “main school” homework assignments and provide a base of understanding and interaction to ensure success in future educational endeavors.  Finally, our developmental programs reinforce basic social, listening, independence and motor skills and prepare students for future related interaction.

All of our learning and child care services employ technology, partnerships, professional services and other activities that support and promote higher learning.

In addition to the extensive services and curriculum offered, each campus will also offer weekend specialty classes for children and adults and planned family activities in the community it serves.  KCC will also offer children birthday party hosting services, providing great activities for kids and an easy experience for parents.  Activity instructors will be assigned for these events and will lead the activities, ensuring a memorable celebration. 

Service Description

Upon its opening, Kid’s Community College® will offer four basic services in the Lake St. Charles community:

  • Full-time Child Day Care
  • Part-time/After School Care (including drop-off and pick-up)
  • After School Tutoring
  • Drop-In Care

Prior to opening, the college will have a two-month enrollment drive.  Based on the market reaction to the drive, these services may be altered to meet the needs of the community.  The college will always remain nimble enough to respond to the needs of the community in which it serves.

Competitive Comparison

The child care industry as a whole is saturated.  However, based on US Census 2000 data, Hillsborough County Child Care Services provider listings and Hillsborough County building permit records, the city of Riverview, Florida itself is growing and has few licensed child care facilities.  Kid’s Community College® intends to fill this local market need.

The Lake St. Charles and ‘The Villages of Lake St. Charles’ subdivisions have 800 and 100 single family homes respectively. There are only two other child care facilities in the neighborhood. One is in the immediate area, a church based facility and the other is 2 miles away, a facility hosted by a local martial arts academy.  There are also three family child caregivers listed in the area, but none in the immediate community.  Kid’s Community College® will differentiate itself from its local competitors by offering an alternative to these traditional day care approaches. 

The Kid’s Community College® market strategy is based on providing an activity based learning environment that is used in many major colleges, universities and vocational centers around the nation. We will offer a community of professional caregivers with the credentials to not only enhance a child’s early social and motor skills, but to also teach them advanced studies in the arts and sciences found at institutions of higher learning.

Kid’s Community College® will be located in a new medical arts plaza, which has already shown a need and interest for child care services. The center currently has a pediatrics office and fitness center with clientele that has inquired about child care services. By forming collaborative partnerships with these businesses and becoming an active voice in the Lake St. Charles community, the college will position itself as the market share leader in child care services, development and educational offerings.

Sales Literature

A copy of the Kid’s Community College® informational brochure is attached in an appendix at the end of this document.


The key fulfillment and delivery of services will be provided by the campus director, licensed campus instructors and staff workers. The real core value is the professional strength and industry expertise of the founder and silent partners, staff experience and certifications, education and hard work (in that order).

We will turn to qualified professionals for freelance back-up in tutoring and educational support, which will enhance the core values provided to the clients.


Since the company founder has an extensive Information Technology background, it’s only natural that Kid’s Community College® will employ and maintain the latest technology to enhance its curriculum, office management systems, payment processing and record keeping.

Future Services

Three additional campuses are planned in the rural Tampa marketplace over the next four years. Franchise start-ups will be offered in the Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville marketplace after 2 years of successful operation.