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Kid's Community College

Management Summary

The opening management team of Kid’s Community College® will consist of the founder, a silent partner, a campus director and administrative assistant.

As the college grows, gradual investments in the instructional staff will be made over the next 3 years – beginning in June 2003 or as otherwise dictated by enrollment.

Organizational Structure

Kid’s Community College® depends on the founder, silent partner, Campus Director and VP of Education Operations for management in the following roles:

Management Team

Owner/President – Timothy B.  Kilpatrick, Sr.  The Owner/President will have overall fiscal responsibility, ensuring that the business is financially sound and attains its planned goals. 

  • 17 years Executive Management (VP) and Budgeting experience
  • Advanced degree in Computer Science
  • Proven leadership and employee development ability
  • Extensive experience with budgeting methodologies and strategic planning, including the Balanced Scorecard approach.

Industry Consultant – Carolyn Steverson.  The Industry Consultant will be relied upon for her industry expertise, providing valuable insight to rules, regulations and governmental programs that may benefit the college.

  • 25 Year owner of Fat Albert Day Care Center
  • Licensed child care facility owner
  • Vast knowledge of Hillsborough County Child Care Licensing requirements and government supplemental programs

Campus Director – Candice Harris.  The Campus Director will be responsible for daily operations, curriculum oversight and management of all instructors, caregivers and tutors.

  • B.S.  Degree in Education
  • 2 years facilities administration/support experience with the University of South Florida
  • 2+ years Regional Operations Manager
  • 5+ years managerial/supervisory experience
  • 3+ years grant writing, technical writing, workflow and process documentation experience

VP of Education Operations – Nitika Steverson-Kilpatrick

  • Collegiate-level Public Relations education
  • 5+ years customer service experience
  • 8+ years child care industry experience (her mother owns Fat Albert Daycare)
  • Extensive theatre and dance background

Management Team Gaps

The present team requires Child Care Development Associate credentials to support our value proposition and preparation for 2004 Florida child care requirements.  Currently, the Campus Director and Industry Consultant are the only members of the management team who have these credentials.

The Owner/President and VP of Education Operations will be enrolling in January 2003 to complete the six-month course required to obtain these credentials.  Education for these two can’t begin in this area until that time since it is a requirement that the college be open for business before the course work can begin.  Long-term, all full-time instructors will be required by the college (not the State) to obtain this credential.

Regarding financial administration, we will retain a strong CPA to help the owner guard cash flow.  While the owner is well versed in the worries of cash flow, he also has the sense to listen to reason and deal with constraints, as guided by the CPA.

Personnel Plan

The following table summarizes our personnel expenditures for the first three years, with compensation increasing from approximately $57K the first year to about $113K in the third.  We believe this plan is a fair compromise between fairness and expedience, and meets the commitment of our mission statement. 

The yearly figures in the second and third year are assumptions for the Lake St. Charles campus only.  The numbers reflect 100% enrollment, a full staff of instructors and a 5% payroll increase each year – which will include tuition reimbursement, pay increases, vacation pay, bonuses and state required certifications.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Campus Director $23,877 $25,071 $26,324
F/T Instructors $21,760 $61,440 $64,512
P/T Instructors $11,400 $21,600 $22,680
Total People 5 8 8
Total Payroll $57,037 $108,111 $113,516