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The Toddler Warehouse


Problem & Solution

Problem Worth Solving

The education of our children needs to start earlier and earlier. The school system is failing.  Those who can hire private teachers and tutors to help with their children’s education should.

Our Solution

The Toddler Warehouse is a full-service child care/development facility that cares for toddlers from age three to five. The Toddler Warehouse will be concentrating on the upper end of the market: double-income professional parents. These personally ambitious parents are typically eager in terms of their children’s development and will be willing to pay to have their children attend the best facilities.

Target Market

Market Size & Segments

The Toddler Warehouse is targeting one specific customer group, the middle to upper class, two income professional family. This group of families have both parents working, not allowing them time to raise their child during the day. This group has the money for child care, and are willing to spend a little extra to get a higher level of care.

This customer segment has already begun teaching it’s child advanced concepts like reading, singing, socialization, etc. The Toddler Warehouse will continue to develop the children’s skills.

This customer group is typically made up of two professional parents. This would explain why the parents 1) have the money for more sophisticated child care, and 2) are ambitious in terms of their children’s learning and development.



Current Alternatives

There are many different competitors in the child care space. The Toddler Warehouse will only detail the direct, or reasonably direct competitors, and will not detail the myriad of other service providers that offer some sort of child care option. The direct competitors are:

  1. Established, often franchised, child care centers. These are typically larger facilities that offer care to a wide range of ages. The number of children serviced is usually quite large. The child care is adequate, although somewhat impersonal by virtue of its large size.
  2. Small, home based child care. These competitors are people that have a child care facility based out of their house. The quality of these ranges considerably, some are great, some are sub par.
  3. Medium sized companies. These are typically independently owned facilities. Some of theses will handle a wide range of ages, others will specialize with a specific age group.


Our Advantages

The Toddler Warehouse’s competitive edge is two-fold:

  1. Specialized training– The facility can only be as good as the teachers and assistants. With this in mind, The Toddler Warehouse has a specialized training program that all teachers and assistants are put through so they are proficient at teaching the specific programs that The Toddler Warehouse has developed for toddlers age three to five. The employees are put through an intensive week long course and only after they pass the intensive training will they be allowed to work with the children.
  2. Innovative learning programs– Typical learning programs for toddlers this age focus on specific traits and only work on one trait/ skill at once. While this is successful in reinforcing the skill, it is often very difficult for the child to appreciate the interrelationships of the different skills. Consequently, the child can learn the skill, but has difficulty applying the skill when faced with multiple stimuli. When the child is unsure of what to do because of the multiple stimuli and these several skills that they have learned independently, the child tends to shut down out of confusion. Matt’s Master’s thesis was based on Intertwined Learning Systems that teaches skills not in isolation from each other, but taught together. Matt’s research strongly supports the assertion that when the skills are taught together, just as you would expect to encounter them in real life, the children are able to assimilate the new task into their skill set much quicker.

Keys to Success

Keys to Success

Our keys to success are: 

  • To create a service based operation whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • The utilization of The Toddler Warehouse by at least 40 different families in the first eight months.
  • To increase the number of client’s served by 20% each year.
  • To develop a sustainable, profitable, start-up business.