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Cell Phones Retailer Business Plan

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Garbles Cellular Phones will use a strategy of total market service. Assumptions:

  1. Every person is a potential customer and all our potential markets will experience growth.
  2. Marketing to one segment of the population will lead to an expansion in overall market growth.

The following sections review the various strategies that will support this effort.

5.1 Competitive Edge

The Seramed Communication's competitive edge will be:

Location: Locating the company in a suburb of Niceburg, Homestate enables the company to cover a large and rapidly developing customer populace.

Customer Service: Mr. Seramed Garbles, owner and CEO of Garbles Cellular Inc., has been the CEO of the Garbles Cellular Phones Ltd. in the East Atlantic Island Archipelago for many years past, and accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in the cellular phone market, with a special expertise in GSM phones. He is very familiar with his target customer base.  He has an excellent reputation for customer service. 

E-Commerce: The company will make an effort to enhance its sales through a serious and advantageous website in order to attract customers that are reluctant to do business with large companies.

5.2 Marketing Strategy

Short-term marketing strategies are those that bring will bring us a temporary boost in traffic. Although these techniques are very important to our over-all plan, they are only a temporary traffic source and must not be solely relied upon. Short-term marketing strategies include:

  • Purchasing Advertising
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Search Engines

Long-term marketing strategies are those that will bring us a steady stream of targeted traffic over time. These strategies will continue to produce results even years down the road. Long-term marketing strategies include:

  • Opt-in Lists
  • Freebies
  • Content

By creating and implementing a balanced marketing strategy, using both short-term and long-term strategies, Garbles Cellular will drive a steady stream of targeted traffic to our website.

Using this simple formula when creating our Internet marketing strategy and excelling at all three, we hope to guarantee our success.

Our short-term marketing strategy will focus heavily on sales promotion, niche positioning in the market and customer service with loyalty and retention in sales.

Our promotions will always stay in tune with our company objectives and mission statement.

5.3 Sales Strategy

Constructing our Sales Strategy we shall follow the following steps:

Sales Success Requires Planning - we shall formulate our sales strategy and tactics to achieve our sales success.

Analyze Our Potential - we shall step through a structured process that will prepare us for the development of our sales strategy.

Strategize Around Strengths - the description of our sales activity will be analyzed producing a report that reveals factors impacting our sales potential.

Develop Our Tactics - we shall receive guidance to develop a comprehensive tactical plan to achieve our success.

Measure Our Success - we shall constantly develop key measurements that mark the progress of financial estimates that guide our growth.

Employ An Action Plan for Success - we shall provide our sales force a clear tactical plan that is also aligned with management's strategic objectives.

The sales strategy of Garbles Cellular Phones is simple. The key to customer satisfaction is having the product and services that meet the customer's needs. A crucial part of that is to also have knowledgeable employees to help customers quickly find what they want.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

Sales forecast displayed here is very conservative — although we aim very high, we decided to show a very slow growth and revise the plan on a yearly basis. As a rule we expect to expand the volume much more rapidly.

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cellular Phones $138,000 $190,000 $270,000
Cellular Phones Accessories $126,000 $160,000 $200,000
Fixed Wireless Phones $46,500 $60,000 $90,000
Other Sevices $46,500 $90,000 $150,000
Total Sales $357,000 $500,000 $710,000
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cellular Phones $31,650 $43,560 $61,900
Cellular Phones Accessories $30,450 $41,500 $51,800
Fixed Wireless Phones $11,700 $15,500 $23,300
Other Services $11,710 $23,300 $38,900
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $85,510 $123,860 $175,900

5.4 Milestones

The Milestones table hereunder is destined to be a working plan for the formation of the new organization, including legal negotiations, hiring of personnel, rental of the facility, building of initial inventory, beginning of marketing and start of physical operation.

The team to execute the chores will have to follow up on the timetable and make sure that everything falls in place — to ensure smooth start of sales and success of the organization.

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Preview of Business Plan by Investor 1/1/2005 1/15/2005 $1,000 CEO Department
Concluding Legal Matters 1/10/2005 2/10/2005 $4,000 Owner Department
Hiring of Operators 2/1/2005 3/1/2005 $500 CEO Department
Conclussion of Rentals 1/15/2005 2/15/2005 $2,000 Owner Department
Preparation of Website 1/15/2005 3/1/2005 $2,500 Programmer Department
Acquiring Initial Inventory 2/15/2005 3/15/2005 $31,000 Store Personnel Department
Start of Marketing 3/1/2005 4/1/2005 $0 Marketing Mgr. Department
Start of Operation 4/1/2005 4/10/2005 $2,000 All Department
Totals $43,000

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