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Cell Phones Retailer Business Plan

Company Summary

Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc. will offer its customers GSM cellular phones, and cellular phones accessories. 

GSM stands for "Global System for Mobile Communications." GSM is originally a European system and is largely being adopted today in the United States. Its greatest advantage, a technical one, is that the owner can use the phone all over the world since the system is used mostly anywhere.

Market demand drives cell phone manufactures and service providers to offer new and improved services and functions in their cell phones. The demand for more visual interaction and entertainment with cell phones in the Japanese market, for instance, is great and as such, their phones are many years ahead of what we will see in the U.S.A. Phones have definitely become an important part of people's lives all over the world, whereas in North America many still view the cell phone as a tool and not as a entertainment device. The average phone in North America lasts 3-5 years before being replaced, in Japan it is a fraction of this time.

We believe that, with our long and thorough experience in the EAIA, our store will be in the perfect location to start our operations in the U.S.A., and will start operating in the right time. Garbles Cellular Phones will provide its customers support and convenience second to none.

2.1 Company Ownership

Garbles Cellular Phones is wholly owned by Mr. Seramed Garbles, who is a citizen of the East Atlantic Island Archipelago and the owner of Garbles Cellular Phones Ltd in that country.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Mr. Seramed Garbles will invest $43,000 in Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc. He will also invest an additional $50,000 when operation takes off in April Year 1. The following chart and table show projected initial start-up costs for Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc.

Start-up Expenses
Legal $5,000
Insurance $1,000
Rent $2,000
Equipment $2,000
Other $1,000
Total Start-up Expenses $11,000
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $2,000
Start-up Inventory $30,000
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $32,000
Total Requirements $43,000

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