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Garbles Cellular Phones



Ownership & Structure

Garbles Cellular Phones is wholly owned by Mr. Seramed Garbles, who is a citizen of the East Atlantic Island Archipelago and the owner of Garbles Cellular Phones Ltd in that country.


Management Team

The management of Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc. is made up of the owner, a Marketing manager (Mr. Nomassu Perozia) and three other members who will be hired locally and will be added: a Programmer, and two store attendants with one serving at the beginning as secretary. 

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
CEO $48,000 $48,960 $49,939
Marketing Manager $45,600 $46,512 $47,442
Office Admin $42,000 $42,840 $43,697
Store Attendants (2) $72,000 $73,440 $74,908