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The Catering For Kids will offer its clients a variety of healthy, fresh lunch options. These options are described in detail in the following section. Our menu will be reviewed and modified regularly, allowing us to constantly provide new and appealing boxed lunch options for business meetings.

3.1 Product Description

Corporate customers demand that food and presentation quality be consistently high, which is why Catering For Kids will strive to maintain the best quality possible. For example, our ingredients include excellent products like Tillamook cheeses, La Petite Croissant Bakery breads, College City coffee and Martinelli's sparkling apple juice. Our cookies are fresh baked daily and each boxed lunch is packed with the utmost care in environmentally responsible packaging. Sandwiches are hand-wrapped in deli paper and are closed with our signature label and thank you card, a sign of ongoing committment to serving only the best-quality foods and to giving at-risk youth in the Eugene/Springfield area the opportunities they deserve.

Food Product Descriptions

Boxed lunches: a sandwich or salad with dressing packet, deli salad (i.e. pasta salad or cottage cheese, cinnamon and fresh fruit), fresh seasonal fruit, chips and a cookie. Sandwich or salad options will include:

  • Roast beef and havarti dill sandwich;
  • Avocado, smoked turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich;
  • Chicken caesar salad sandwich;
  • Chicken salad with red grapes croissant sandwich;
  • Garden hummus and provolone sandwich;
  • Hawaiian sunrise with turkey ham;
  • Pear, walnut and goat cheese salad.

Buffet style lunches:

  • Party platters of meats, cheeses, breads, fruit, condiments, chips and dessert;
  • Sandwich wrap platters with several deli salad options, fruit, chips and dessert;
  • Baked potato bar with toppings, macaroni salad, fruit and dessert;
  • Lasagna bar (including several types) with french bread, salad and fruit and desert;
  • Taco salad bar with fresh toppings, taco shells and fresh salsas.

Both styles of lunch catering will include vegetarian, low-fat, dairy-free and allergy-free options and we plan to modify individual meals at our customer's request. Our desserts include freshly baked cookies and dessert bars. Chips will be 1-1.5oz. store-bought packages with a variety of popular flavors available. Each lunch box will include one package each of mayonnaise, dijonaise deli mustard, a plastic fork, our trademark blue straw and thank you card, a napkin and a Euphoria chocolate. Salads will come with the customer's choice of dressings, packaged on the side. We will offer one variety of dressing that is homemade in our kitchen; others will be store-bought individual packets.

Beverages will be available for purchase and will include a variety of fruit juices, sparkling water and soda.

Both buffet and boxed style lunches must be ordered three days in advance so that our staff has adequate time to prepare the meal. A minimum order of 10 is required for all buffet style lunches. There will be no minimum for boxed lunch orders.

3.2 Alternative Providers

A number of other caterers offer boxed lunches for business clients. However, none of these businesses specialize in serving the nonprofit sector, nor are they themselves a nonprofit that benefits the local community. Catering For Kids will specialize in developing excellent relationships with its nonprofit clientele. We believe that this unique position, combined with competitively priced, fresh, high-quality meals will set Catering For Kids apart as the premier caterer for the Lane County nonprofit sector.

3.3 Printed Collaterals

Literature used by Catering For Kids will include our organization's goals, logo, website and physical addresses as well as a sincere thank you to our customers for supporting our organization. Our menu, for example, is an excellent example of the type of literature that we are proud to use to promote our business.

3.4 Sourcing

Food products for meal preparation will be purchased by the Catering For Kids marketing manager at local grocery wholesalers, either Costco or United Grocers using a business account.

Staff to prepare the food will be current students of the Chambers School's Culinary Arts Program. These students will receive a stipend for their work as well as school credit.

Food preparation will be supervised by the Chambers School's Culinary Arts instructor. Management of Catering For Kids itself, including finances, marketing and building client relationships, will be handled primarily by a paid part-time staff member.

3.5 Technology

So far, only three Eugene caterers offer online ordering, which means that the primary methods of ordering catered lunches in Eugene/Springfield is still by phone or fax. Catering For Kids will offer fax/phone ordering with either trained students or staff taking orders with a minimum two days in advance of delivery. During this first year, Catering For Kids will primarily serve Bright Future internal customers only and online ordering will be unnecessary. However, in the long term as more customers become used to ordering lunch online, Catering For Kids may update its website to receive online orders.

During year two, Catering For Kids will have a website that includes its complete menu and contact information. We will include this website address on as many printed materials as possible. For example, our thank-you notes, which will be included in every boxed lunch, will have our website address printed on them. The administrative offices of Bright Future currently updates and maintains the organization's websites and we anticipate that this department will also handle the design and creation of the Catering For Kids website.

3.6 Future Products

As our business grows, we foresee the need to expand our current kitchen, which may mean opening a second location in which students can work to prepare meals and receive instruction. This additional kitchen must meet strict guidelines set forth by the Department of Human Services and will require our students to be transported to and from this location under adult supervision. However, this second location will allow Catering For Kids to allow an even greater number of at-risk youth to gain valuable work experience before they graduate, thus furthering the ultimate goal of Catering For Kids.

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