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Fressen Catering


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Fressen’s marketing strategy will be based on developing visibility among Philadelphia’s kosher community.  This will be accomplished through three main efforts.

The first is social media. Facebook and Twitter, with useful posts offering information about Philadelphia, information about events, cuisine, and so forth. We need a consistent presence, with useful content, and no clutter. This is of course related to the third effort, below, of word of mouth. Social media is word of mouth on steroids. 

The second is a targeted advertising campaign.  Advertisements will be placed in various Jewish newsletters. There are a couple of Philadelphia-wide newsletters. Additionally, Fressen will advertise in a few Synagogue-specific newsletters. These advertisements should yield a decent amount of service inquiries since they are fairly targeted toward the target population that utilizes kosher catering.

The third is a networking campaign among the Philadelphia Jewish population.  Susan has been an active member of the Philadelphia Jewish community for five years.  While the Jewish population is of decent size, numbering around 200,000, it is a fairly close knit community where people tend to know each other.  Susan will leverage her contacts within the Jewish community to raise awareness for her catering activities.  While the networking might not cast as large of a net as advertisements will, it costs far less and the relationships that it builds will be far stronger because of the trust relationship that has already been established. And it will synch well with social media. 

Sales Plan

Fressen’s sales strategy will use a combination of superior customer attention and a comprehensive repertoire of dishes for the menu to turn information seekers into customers.  Susan recognizes when a prospective customer calls to get information about Fressen, it is Susan’s main opportunity to turn them into a customer.  She will do this by spending as much time on the phone as necessary. 

Another benefit that Susan will leverage to develop sales is her comprehensive menu.  In addition to all of the traditional kosher dishes, Susan will offer many innovative nouveau cuisine kosher items that she has developed over her years spent in the culinary industry.  An innovative available menu should be seen as a large benefit.  There is no intuitive or logical reason that people who adhere to kosher are any less adventurous when it comes to food other than the fact that they have been raised that way.


Locations & Facilities

Fressen will rent space for the office and kitchen in an industrial area of Philadelphia.  Renting in the industrial area will significantly lower the cost. Since the space will be used for food production it is not relevant for the store front to be aesthetically pleasing, or in a nice neighborhood.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Kitchen and Office Setup
Dec 05, 2019
First Catering Job
Jan 02, 2020

Key Metrics

  1. Increase the # of customers who appreciate our food 
  2. Increase the # of tweets and reviews telling people to come into our store 
  3. # of return customers, they will be the majority of our sales 
  4. Facebook page views, Facebook shares and google searches which turn up our website.