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Fressen Catering



Ownership & Structure

Fressen catering is a high end kosher catering to the Philadelphia community owned and run by Susan Chefily. 


Management Team

Susan Cheflly, the founder and owner received her Bachelor of Arts from  the University of Pittsburgh.   After college, Susan went to work in the restaurant industry because it was a good source of money.  While serving at an upscale restaurant in Pittsburgh, Susan befriended one of the chefs there who began to teach her cooking techniques.  Susan began to find this instruction very interesting and enjoyable.  After six months of this tutoring, Susan decided that she wanted to remain in the restaurant industry, but wanted to learn the skills needed to be a chef.  Susan decided to enter the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, a well-regarded training school for chefs.  Susan completed the one year program and graduated near the top of her class. 

With this education, Susan went to work as a chef at one of the nicer nouveau cuisine restaurants in Philadelphia.  Susan thoroughly enjoyed the five years spent as head chef, but she longed to work for herself, running her own business.  Susan thought she would appreciate the ability to set her own hours, to be her own boss.  One day, while in temple, the thought hit her that she could operate a kosher catering company and do well because the upper-end of the market has been largely ignored by the current competitors.  With this thought in mind, Susan began to do market research.  After speaking with many different people as well as holding three focus groups, she recognized that her idea was viable and started writing this business plan.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Susan $43,200 $44,064 $44,945
Rabbi $12,000 $12,000 $12,000
Cook (1.67) $36,000 $73,440 $74,908
Server (1.67) $30,000 $61,200 $62,424
Back end Kitchen Helper (1.67) $24,000 $48,960 $49,940