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Sumptuous Cuisine Catering

Management Summary

Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is directed by CEO Rudy Electrum. Second-in-command is COO Tosca Cabrini.

Electrum heads sales and strategy for the business, in close consultation with Cabrini. Cabrini manages the operations of the kitchen, human resources (hiring and training) and finances.

Marketing is directed and executed by Antero MacDougal. MacDougal is the liaison to outside graphic and Web designers and other marketing service firms used by Sumptuous Cuisine Catering. MacDougal reports to the CEO.

The Facility Manager will be hired to act as a manager of the hall. This will include providing information to vendors setting up in the space, providing access to the clients for set-up, light maintenance and repairs, contracting vendors for heavier repair work, and setting up cleanings of the space. The Facility Manager will have a small office at The Sumptuous Ballroom and will work during the daytime. Event managers from the catering staff will be present during the events. The Facility Manager will be trained by and report to the COO.

Personnel Plan

The personnel table shows full-time personnel only.

A full-time administrative assistant keeps the books for the business and process A/R and A/P.

Sales staff, beginning at one, are managed by the CEO. A salesperson will be added in year 2 and again in year 3. The new salespeople will be dedicated to sales of The Sumptuous Ballroom and will work on salary plus a 3% commission on sales.

The kitchen is staffed by a salaried head cook and one assistant cook paid by the hour.

Events are staffed by a roster of 30 event managers, cater-waiters, bartenders, and other staff. Most staff are cross-trained between the various roles.

Personnel Plan
2010 2011 2012
CEO $84,000 $87,360 $90,854
COO $72,000 $74,880 $77,875
Marketing Director $60,000 $62,400 $64,896
Salespeople $48,000 $97,440 $149,083
Administrative Assistant $48,000 $49,920 $51,917
Head Cook $60,000 $62,400 $64,896
Assistant Cooks $48,000 $49,920 $51,917
Facility Manager $54,000 $56,160 $58,406
Total People 8 9 10
Total Payroll $474,000 $540,480 $609,845