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Like New Carpet Cleaners

Web Plan Summary

The website for Like New Carpet Cleaners will convert Web users to ordering cleaning services because of the simplicity of the process, customization of services, and the ability of the online system to red flag inquiries which require additional attention.

For new customers, the site will include:

  • Graphics and tutorials to go through the booking and scheduling process
  • Client testimonials
  • Explanations of how pricing is determined
  • A list of services
  • “Frequently-asked questions” page to answer common questions and to explain how the service works, what the time frame is to complete the work, etc.
  • “About us” page – details on the founders and mission of the company

For current customers, the website will also be an account management tool, allowing them to:

  • Schedule and reschedule cleanings
  • Set up automated, recurring appointments

The website will have the functionality to provide quotes to most customers, based on their entries about the services needed, size of their space, furniture, carpets, etc. For certain specifications (determined by the founders) the system will be unable to provide a quote and will refer the inquiry to the sales department for further investigation. Clients will pay by credit card (using a security protocol connection for sending credit card information over the Internet) and can have their credit card saved on file for easier booking in the future.

Website Marketing Strategy

The website will be marketed through search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Search engine marketing will require bidding on keywords relevant to carpet cleaning for the local market, with Google Adwords. Like New Carpet Cleaners will retain the services of a search engine marketing firm to set up and optimize its Google Adwords account.

Search engine optimization will be based on the initial design of the website to make it search-engine friendly, and on building links over time from other related websites to increase its Google ranking. Content will also be added to the website, including informative articles about carpet cleaning, written by the company founders and other experts, in order to increase the website’s standing on the Internet as a resource for information on carpet cleaning.

Development Requirements

The front end of the website will require the pages previously discussed in the summary as well as the standard contact page and legal disclaimers.

The back end of the website will require:

  • Ability for managers to adjust pricing and service options.
  • Automatic integration of scheduling and orders from the website to accounting and calendar systems, with alerts sent by email to relevant staff.

The website will be built over two months. A quote of $30,000 has been given for the needed functionality and has been verified by advisors with web development expertise as an appropriate rate. The two-month period will allow three weeks for testing and debugging at the end of the period.

The website will require ongoing maintenance which is shown on the profit and loss statement as an operating expense. Either the same firm that created the site will be retained for ongoing maintenance and updates, or a new firm will be selected.