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Crafted Cannabis


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Pot’s image problem has since begun to fade, especially in states like Washington and Colorado. Two more states, Oregon and Alaska, have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and several others may soon have the opportunity to join them. But the people who sell the drug are facing a predicament. In a legal market, cannabis—the plant from which pot is derived—comes to resemble many other farmed products: One grower’s plant looks and tastes a lot like his neighbor’s. (Some pot connoisseurs with sensitive palates can differentiate among strains of cannabis—and even among brands—but they’re as rare as the coffee drinker who can guess his beans’ origins.) 

We plan to change all that using all the tools of the modern world including: 

Twitter – we will join the conversation and point customers towards knowledgeable people and blogs as well as our own. We will keep up on the most popular products for those who like to get high. 

Blog – Write about our experiences and recommendations. We will also sign ourselves up and contribute to This is a database which will helps those who are looking for cannabis find us. 

Facebook – Show our most popular buds as well as the best edible recipes 

Promotions – we will give influencers discounts so they can try our product and see it is in fact what they are looking for. This will allow them to say with certainty we have the best products on the market.

We make the customer feel comfortable – never underestimate the simplicity of remembering people and making them feel at home in your store. 

Sales Plan

Our Sales plan is: 

  • We will have a website and a blog to promote customer knowledge 
  • We will be members as well as one or two other websites where customers go to find stores selling marijuana products. 
  • We will get a partnership with as many suppliers as we can and promote that we have those products. 
  • Our edibles will be from suppliers that use clean and organic products. 


Locations & Facilities

We will have 1500 square feet. Our space will be on the first floor and very close to the street so it will be easy to spot our signage.

There will be a back area for inventory and storage as well as a safe. There will be a place for staff to eat lunch and take a break for a few minutes. 

The main store area will be set up with counters as well as glass shelves like a jewelry store will the customer can see what we sell but can’t touch our products with out one of our staff helping them. 

The front area will have a desk and comfortable lounge chairs/sofa as well as a table with magazines. The magazines are purely as props to make them feel comfortable. We will not leave customers there long enough to read.  

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible
Legal entity established
Nov 15, 2017 Ownership
List of top 10 inventory items set
Dec 01, 2017 Ownership
List of top 10 vendors complete
Dec 13, 2017 Ownership
Location locked in
Jan 26, 2018 Ownership
Location fix-up contracted and underway
Feb 16, 2018 Ownership
Location ready to launch
Mar 14, 2018 Ownership
Initial inventory in place
Mar 15, 2018 Ownership
Apr 02, 2018 Ownership
Launch promotion
Apr 20, 2018 Ownership

Key Metrics

  • Sales
  • Customer email list
  • Customer visits
  • Gross margin by product line
  • Sales per day and hour
  • Number of items stocked