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Parkdale Meats


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy of Parkdale Meats is to establish anticipation of the store’s opening in the community so that it can hit the ground running with retail sales immediately upon launch.  To that end, the following tactics will be used:

•   Facebook company page with targeted ads and a stream of posts emphasizing health, natural and organic meats, cooking, recipes, and community.

•   Twitter company account also with a stream emphasizing health, natural and organic, cooking, recipes, and community.

•   Instagram company account showing pictures of meat dishes, recipes, barbecues, and more.

•   Direct mail of flyers to a select list of 5,000 high-income households.

•   Advertisements in local newspapers and magazines.

•   Flyers in the downtown area around the site of the store.

•   Launch of the website in anticipation of opening.

•   Yellow Pages listing.

Parkdale Meats will join the local Chamber of Commerce and Food Provider organizations for networking and marketing opportunities with other businesses.

After opening, the following tactics will be used going forward:

•   Consistent social media streams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

•   Direct mail to additional households with higher incomes.

•   Search engine marketing via local Google ads.

•   Email newsletter describing developments in the specialty meat industry to business customers and certain households.


Sales Plan

There are sales strategies for both retail and business sales.

Retail sales will be based on the marketing of the store and its location, explained in the marketing plan section.  At an operational level, orders will be taken in person by clerks working the floor of the store (two on duty at any given time), or by the office clerk over the phone or Internet.  Orders for specific cuts will be transmitted from these clerks to the butchers on duty, who will prepare the cuts. The floor clerks will package, price and prepare the cut meats for sale.

Walk-in customers will be greeted with a standard greeting and served to meet their satisfaction with quick order-turnaround as well as high quality meat cuts.  A machine will give numbers to waiting customers so they can be served in an orderly fashion. These customers will have a few seats in the store to sit in while waiting.

The business sales strategy relies on prospecting by Eryka to establish connections with caterers and restaurants.  She will research, contact, and present to these businesses using her past sales experience. As a partner of the business, she will work to maximize revenue and increase profits instead of being motivated by commissions on sales.


Locations & Facilities

Parkdale Meats will provide the following products on a regular basis:

Aged Beef:

•   Filet Mignon

•   Kebab

•   London Broil

•   Porterhouse Steak

•   Rib-Eye Steak

•   Roast Beef

•   Shell Steak

•   Sirloin Burger

•   Sirloin Steak

•   Skirt Steak

•   Strip Steak

•   T-Bone Steak

Domestic Lamb:

•   Chop

•   Flank

•   Leg

Fresh Pork:

•   Boiling Bacon

•   Chop

•   Rasher

•   Sausage

Free-Range Poultry:

•   Chicken Kiev

•   Chicken Cordon Bleu

•   Cutlet

•   Kebab


Upon request, the store will also sell wild game such as buffalo, alligator, kangaroo, and quail. All products can be cut to the customer’s specifications.

Meat will be purchased from suppliers within a 100-mile radius of the store to minimally impact on the environment and maintain product freshness.  Products will be purchased as whole animals and butchered in the store by trained butchers. They will be sold fresh. While products should be replenished every week, there is a possibility that certain items run out because of high demand. So that all customers leave satisfied, the sales staff will help make special orders if the meat they want is out of stock, as well as offer suggestions when no special order is possible.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Q1 Review
Mar 08, 2020
Q2 review
June 08, 2020
Q3 Review
Sept 04, 2020
Q4 Review
Dec 19, 2021

Key Metrics

Our Key Metrics are:

  • Inventory turnover 
  • Sales per square foot
  • Spoilage
  • Cost of training employees 
  • # of return customers 
  • # of reviews that customers write 
  • Favorite meat choices 
  • Average price of meat by cut etc.