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Parkdale Meats



Ownership & Structure

Parkdale Meats is established as a limited liability company with 49% ownership by Robert Suidae and 51% ownership by Eryka Auroch.  They will share management responsibilities with final decisions falling to Eryka when there are conflicts of opinion. The partnership agreement allows for one partner to buy the other out in the case that the partnership must be dissolved. It sets predetermined methods to calculate the company’s valuation in that case.


Management Team

The management of Parkdale Meats will consist of Eryka Auroch and Robert Suidae.


Eryka Auroch, CEO, will manage sales, marketing, and finances for the business.  This will include training sales staff, managing all marketing programs, and being the liaise to the website developer and accountant for the business.



Robert Suidae, COO, will design the store’s floor plan, plan, order and install all equipment purchases, establish operations procedures, train butchering and operations staff, and establish relationships with all suppliers.




David Redman – Full-Time Sales/Operations Clerk, will run the day-to-day operations of the Parkdale Meats storefront.


Kate Hoover – Full-Time Butcher, will ensure quality and timely delivery of meat for quick service to customers.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
CEO $48,000 $48,960 $49,939
COO $46,200 $47,124 $48,066
Assistant Butcher $43,200 $44,064 $44,945
Sales and Operations $42,000 $42,840 $43,697