Palms and Bonds

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Management Summary

The management team mainly comprising the shareholders has wide expertise and broad knowledge of the services and markets, which if well planned for, will enable the business to realize its goals and objectives. As we grow, we will take on additional consulting help and personnel.

Management style will reflect the participation of the shareholders. The company intends to respect its community and treat all employees well. We will develop and nurture the company as community. We do not intend to be very hierarchical. 

6.1 Organizational Structure

Palms and Bonds shall be managed by working partners. The company, simply because of its size, will function more as a partnership than a corporate organization, in the early stages. With such a group, it will be simple to communicate with and support one another. As the company grows there will be more structure to the organization, with new employees being assigned a supervisor or subordinate. When the company is at its full staff potential, it will operate as any closely held organization, but maintain the personal interest in each employee's personal and family welfare and their contributions to the business. In the beginning we assume four partners: (Discussion omitted in this sample plan).

6.2 Management Team

Palms and Bonds business requires a very high level of knowledge, analytical ability and expertise, which means that it will not be easily leveragable in the common consulting company mode in which partners run the business and make sales, while associates fulfill. Partners will necessarily be involved in the fulfillment of the core business proposition, providing the expertise to the clients. The initial personnel plan is still tentative. It should involve three to five partners, one to three consultants, with good staff support, an office manager, and a secretary. Later, we intend to add more partners, consultants, and sales staff. 

Partners' resumes were included as an attachment to this plan, but have been omitted in this sample plan.

6.3 Personnel Plan

The detailed monthly personnel plan for the first year is included in the appendix. The annual personnel estimates are included here. We believe this plan is a acceptable compromise between fairness and expedience, and meets the commitments of our mission statement. We do not intend to be a large organization or "top heavy" as our industry does not require our doing so. We want the company to stay lean and flexible so that we can respond to a client's needs quickly. To do this, we will use outside consultants whose fees, in most cases, will be passed on to the client, indirectly, through our fees. However as we expand and increase in size (increase in the number of projects received) we do expect to increase our personnel.

We intend to compensate our personnel well, so as to retain their invaluable expertise and to ensure job satisfaction and enrichment through delegation of authority. Our compensation will include health care, generous profit sharing, plus a minimum of three weeks vacation.

In-house training shall be continuous with regular external training being undertaken particularly following any new developments in the market. This is to ensure that we are continuously able to anticipate our client's problems and needs and provide them with solutions -- a proactive approach, which is so essential in our line of business.  

We acknowledge the fact that successful recruiting, motivation and discipline procedures are keys to the growth of the organization. Hence we intend to promote and maintain good labour relations, strong morale and high quality work per employee through undertaking the following: (Discussion omitted).

Note: All displayed currency values represent Botswanan Pula (P).

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Partners $0 $72,000 $82,800
Internal Consultants $16,000 $16,000 $16,000
External Consultants $26,000 $18,000 $20,700
Office Manager $9,000 $18,000 $20,700
Personal Assistant $9,200 $9,000 $10,356
Secretarial Staff $3,600 $6,000 $6,900
Research Staff $4,500 $3,600 $4,140
Other $9,000 $0 $0
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $77,300 $142,600 $161,596

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