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Ideal Business Support Services

Executive Summary

Ideal Business Support is a full-service support agency for the insurance industry. Ideal offers a wide range of support services tailored for insurance agents. Ideal will specialize on a few offerings, but can do almost anything. While the support service market is competitive, most companies are generalists. Ideal will stand out by concentrating on the insurance niche.

Ideal has two strong competitive advantages. The first is industry knowledge of insurance. Sarah Helpinghand, the owner, spent five years previous to Ideal working as an insurance agent. This experience is priceless. Additionally, the value of networking based on Sarah’s previous insurance relationships will give Ideal a large leg up on the competition.

Lastly, Sarah will be designing an intensive training program to share her intellectual capital regarding the insurance industry with the rest of her company. All employees with go through this training.

Ideal is projected to reach profitability by month 11 and will have modest net profits by year three.

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1.1 Mission

Ideal Business Support’s mission is to provide the highest quality support services for insurance agent industry. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

1.2 Objectives

The objectives for the first three years of operation include:

  • To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • The utilization of Ideal in at least 20 different insurance agents practices.
  • To increase the number of clients served by 20% per year through superior performance.
  • To develop a sustainable start-up business that is profitable.