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Growth Management and Strategies

Management Summary

The management team will initially consist of Bill Dawson. A Harvard MBA, and world-renowned consultant for major Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Dawson has built a reputation based his customer-centric approach to consulting, a relative anomaly in the world of high profile consulting. Many consultants are trained to believe they are right and the client was put on this earth to learn from the consultant. That is not the case for GMS, as the management team (Dawson) takes a different tact. The consultant acts as an interviewer, learning all that is possible to learn about the client in a one or two week period. As a management tool, this approach is very effective because it gives the sales team flexibility in dealing with potential customers, and relieves the uncomfortable pressure to close the sale.

Mr. Dawson’s approach to managing customers is also the approach he will take in dealing with his salespeople. GMS doesn’t need a hefty management structure, or administrative overhead. Many of those processes may be handled through outsourcing and Internet technology. On the contrary, the management structure at GMS is designed to reward the performer and educate the underperformer. Each salesperson is given a battery of psychological and rational tests, and most importantly, are screened based on how well they will fit into the Dawson management style. This leaves little to chance, and encourages a team atmosphere that remains light-hearted and fun.

6.1 Personnel Plan

This table demonstrates how GMS plans to start acquiring clients. One salesperson will be trained initially, and that person will later head a team of salespeople as the company expands. The promise of growth, and chance to work for a strategically positioned consulting business is enough to have three major players bidding for the job. Although each will see a major cut in salary from their current position, the chance to share in company profits (10%) and growth is enough to draw them to a low base, high commission position that offers no guarantees.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Salesperson #1 $54,000 $62,000 $68,000
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 1 3 5
Total Payroll $54,000 $62,000 $68,000