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The Wonderkind


The Wonderkind will publish a website and newsletter that provides product, market trends, and theme analysis, company insight, and interesting business issues impacting society from the collegiate perspective. The angle that we address business and societal issues from is unique in that it is representative of today’s and tomorrow’s top college students opinions. The interests of today’s college generation indicates broader themes that will eventually transform society as a whole. The Wonderkind offers bright, motivated students who are passionate about business and/or the stock market a forum to gain real business experience by allowing them to analyze companies and trends and write about them outside of the classroom. The original thoughts and ideas of these wunderkinds will be available on the Internet at our website: and in a hard copy newsletter printed quarterly.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

The Wonderkind is a collection of the best young financial minds in the U.S. These people see trends and issues in the market that the Wall Street analysts fail to realize. In addition, our analysts do not have the investment banking ties that create a major bias in the Wall Street analysts’ opinion. Certain trends cannot be read in yearly reports and can only be realized at the earliest moments by those with a feel for the future of trends in business and technology. In addition, our analysts are willing to perform the more hands-on research carried out by the Wall Street analyst of thirty years ago. This kind of research could include actually eating at a restaurant with the intent of judging the quality of food service. Or perhaps visiting the local mall and witnessing the consumer traffic at Abercrombie & Fitch vs. The Gap vs. J. Crew. If a hot new MP3 player is creping into the popular music scene, then college students with an astute wit will detect the trend first. Our team of college students will be the Wall Street analysts and business professionals of the future. The Wonderkind provides a forum for these brilliant students to voice their observations and ideas before they become biased by their investment banking counterparts.

The Wonderkind’s uniqueness stems from its creation of an elite team of college students who embody America’s most technologically savvy and dynamic generation of youth. College students of today command more respect from business professionals and society at large than ever before. With the incredible success stories of college entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Sean Fanning, everyone seems to have an interest in the pulse of the collegiate America.

Our competitive advantage is two fold:

  1. There is currently no other business/investment publication that taps into the collective collegiate intellect.
  2. We will appeal to motivated college students who are frustrated with the lack of response and organization of internship programs at large corporations.
    • Our internship would be offered during the school year as well as during the summer.
    • Because our internship would be performed electronically, students will not need to relocate nor arrange for lodging.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people are able to trade equities and gather information. The growth in acceptance of this new medium of trading is largely a result of the much reduced commission charges. There is an abundance of online financial websites in existence today that attempt to service this new market of online investors. We do not see these entities as potential threats to our services. We believe that each of these services are not mutually exclusive and that our service will actually benefit by co-existing with other services. The responsibility and necessity of performing research is paramount for investors to make decisions. While nearly anyone can benefit from substantially reduced commission charges, not everyone has the time or the energy to learn the market tactics of Wall Street professionals. Analysts at The Wonderkind are devoted to studying not only the stock market, but witnessing the trends and themes that appear to them first, and materializing accurate and quality analytical information that cannot be obtained from other sources.

3.2 Sales Literature

Nearly all needed sales literature will be produced in-house using personal computer desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher. We will outsource all of our printing needs. Sales literature will consist of brochures that can be passed out in person or mailed to our initial list of prospective clients. In addition we will publish performance reports including graphs and charts from our analysts using software such as Microsoft Excel.

3.3 Future Services

After creating the initial knowledge base for our business and we have a growing base of subscribers to our service, we will explore opportunities to further personalize the relationships between our subscribers and our analysts/writers. Our analysts will become available via email communication to subscribers who wish to further discuss the ideas presented by the writer. We will also explore the possibilities of adding additional channels of more consistent communication between subscribers and writers. One possibility for a future channel would be aimed at the corporate recruitment division of firms seeking top collegiate talent. The Wonderkind could become a means to establish an early link between corporations and students.

3.4 Technology

The Wonderkind will be heavily reliant upon the use of the Internet as a means for publishing its website and communicating with clients through email. We feel that technology will be utilized strictly to our advantage and we currently do not see any competitive threats resulting from the advent of new technologies. This mentality is subject to change and will be reevaluated continually in the future.

3.5 Fulfillment

The core value of The Wonderkind will lie in our analysts’ role as the brightest and most motivated college students in the country. The Wonderkind is different from other informational publishing services in that it represents collegiate America. Furthermore, value of this company will lie in the experience, education, dedication, and willingness of the analysts and owners to go out on a limb to observe the most pressing trends and tech themes prevalent today. Sound, unbiased analysis of these market trends, themes, and investment ideas, will be our objective.