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Bride’s Entourage

Management Summary

Bride’s Entourage will be managed by the owner, Dorina Thaker (complete resume is enclosed). Dagny is a CPA who spent four years in public accounting. Her efforts were primarily focused on auditing the financial statements of closely-held businesses in the greater Portland area. Through this work, she developed an understanding of various business cycles, internal controls, cash flow, inventory management, ratio analysis, variance analysis, small business dynamics, and basic tax principles. While working in public accounting, Dagny supervised numerous projects and teams of various sizes. She frequently represented the firm at public speaking engagements, and she established a recruiting program for the firm. 

For the past two years, Dagny has performed extensive research on the bridal industry. Her mentors include a bridal boutique owner; a wedding consultant in the greater Portland area who has been planning weddings for nearly 20 years; and a coordinator of a local wedding show. In addition to performing extensive research on the bridal industry, Dagny also worked in a local bridal shop to learn the day-to-day operations. While working as a salesperson at the bridal shop, Dagny was one of the top sellers, often out-performing sales associates who had been there longer and worked more hours than her.

Dagny’s enthusiasm, perceptiveness, and organization skills will be the keys to orchestrating the efforts of the sales team and making Bride’s Entourage a successful business.

Dorina Thaker


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in the state of Oregon
  • Lifetime of experience with small businesses
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills


7.1 Personnel Plan

Bride’s Entourage will have a sales force that includes the owner and three part-time employees. The store will have two sales associates in the store on weekdays, and three associates in the store on weekends. Sales associates will be paid an hourly wage of [Proprietary and Confidential Information removed]. In years two and three, the sales associates’ hours will increase to accommodate the planned increase in sales; thus, the wages in years two and three  increase significantly. 

The owner, Dorina Thaker, will not be paid a salary, but  will take distributions from the company profits while maintaining a positive cash balance. The financials in this plan do not yet include the owner’s draw.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Dorina Thaker, Owner $0 $0 $0
Part Time Sales Associate 1 $16,800 $18,000 $18,500
Part Time Sales Associate 2 $6,960 $15,000 $18,000
Part Time Sales Associate 3 $6,960 $8,000 $8,500
Total People 4 4 4
Total Payroll $30,720 $41,000 $45,000