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Recycled Dreams

Management Summary

Connie Jugal received her undergraduate degree in communications from Portland State University. Connie put herself through school financially by working at the Salvation Army thrift store. Initially Connie worked at the Salvation Army as a register attendant. Within a year of working, she moved up to assistant manager first and then manager because of her attention to detail, her people skills, and her general management ability.

After graduating Connie was offered a regional manager position that put her in charge of three different stores. While Connie was not wanting to stay at the Salvation Army forever, she saw this offer as a unique opportunity, particularly for someone her age. While Connie was the regional manager, she was instrumental in raising revenues through sophisticated marketing and merchandising. She increased revenue 46% at store one over the previous year, 33% for store two, and 23% at store three. All three stores had between 1-5% revenue growth for the previous eight years. This revenue growth was quite a surprise relative to all the stores in Oregon for the last 10 years so Connie was offered an even larger territory for management the following year. While Connie was flattered to say the least, she recognized her need start her own business, to be her own boss. This was the beginning of Recycled Dreams.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Connie will work for Recycled Dreams full time. During month two Connie will hire one full-time person and one part-time person. The headcount will remain at four until month five when Connie will hire an additional full-time person. Connie has designed Recycled Dreams to be a very decentralized organization allowing all employees to share in responsibility for almost all tasks. Connie will also hire a part-time seamstress to make all the necessary alterations beginning in month two.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Connie $42,000 $45,000 $48,000
Full-time employee $21,120 $22,000 $22,000
Part-time employee $10,560 $11,000 $11,000
Seamstress $12,200 $14,400 $14,400
Full-time employee $13,440 $22,000 $22,000
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $99,320 $114,400 $117,400