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Sedibeng Breweries

Production Summary

Our production system shall strive to attain service excellence in addition to manufacturing safe, quality products. This shall be undertaken through the engagement of modern production techniques using up-to-date assembly technology. This will also result in low production costs being attained by the company. We also intend to ensure that the suppliers we engage are committed and reliable so as not to let down the final consumer in terms of the quality of the product and time of delivery.

In order to improve productivity in our plants we intend to reduce waste and duplication in our breweries by streamlining administrative functions and promoting and instilling a business culture that focuses on the teamwork rather than individual productivity. By the undertaking the above we will optimize our productivity given our available resources.

7.1 Suppliers

Currently the company obtains the vast majority of its raw materials from South African suppliers. However as we are committed to fair terms of trade and promotion of local business we intend to engage local suppliers. Hence raw materials, including x and y, may be sourced from local communal and commercial farmers avoiding intermediaries so as to minimize costs, ultimately benefiting the final consumer. The major advantages of doing so being higher margins, faster payments and lower risks of payment default. Through the use of economies of scale we aim to maintain low input and production costs. This may be undertaken through (discussion removed for confidentiality).

Hence we intend to establish good rapport with all our suppliers and hence long mutually beneficial business relationships. This shall be undertaken through working closely with suppliers to ensure uninterrupted deliveries.

7.2 Receiving

Recognizing that the receiving of our raw materials is an essential element in our entire business, we intend to ensure that it is done by responsible persons who will be present during off loading to check the quantity and condition of the consignment. During the actual off loading the receiving bay personnel will mass check on at least X% of the consignment. Non-confirming raw materials in terms of quality will only be approved with the consent of the managing director who would have undertaken further analysis of it.

7.3 Storage

It shall be the policy of the company to ensure that all raw materials are stored in a secure, clean and pest free manner. Stock takes and reconciliations shall be undertaken on a regular basis, initially done at least once a week. The stock principle of First In First Out (FIFO) shall be implemented. Whenever stock is taken out it shall be recorded on a separate stock or bin card, with reconciliations of raw materials issued to the brewery, issued to production, losses, opening and closing stock taken. Should any deviations arise these must be explained.

7.4 By-Products

Sedibeng Breweries intends to utilize every resource it has to the fullest possible extent. We realize that there shall be a lot of by-products that will be produced from our production of the main product lines. However not wanting to pollute the environment, and our community at large, we plan to utilize by-products whenever possible. This will ensure that our resources are fully utilized.