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Kiln Creek Bowling Center

Management Summary

Our management philosophy is based on mutual respect for all contributions made by our employees without regard to the position they hold in the company. People who work at Kiln Creek Bowling Center want to work here because the work environment enables them to work smarter–not harder, and they know their suggestions are appreciated.

The ability of Kiln Creek to accomplish its goals and lead the bowling industry is significantly related to the expertise, abilities, and social conscience of the management team. The management team has received awards in the past for their outstanding performance. The high standards set by Kiln Creek’s team will make it difficult for competitors to enter and survive in the market area.

6.1 Organizational Structure

The Kiln Creek Bowling Center business organization has been structured and established to promote effective daily operations as well as future company growth. The structure provides comprehensive management oversight of business activities without excessive manpower used in management positions. The teams include 60 employees under one General Manager with five associate managers. Our management divisions are, Administrative, Bowling Operations, Restaurant and Facilities Management.

6.2 Personnel Plan

The Personnel Plan chart reflects how we will utilize our people’s assets. Most of them will be cross trained.

    General Manager
    League Coordinator/Public Relations
    Tournament Coordinator/Bowling Manager

    Bowling/Billiard Manager
    Shift Leader
    Front Desk Operator
    Day Care Staff

    Restaurant Manager
    Food/Beverage Manager
    Line Cooks
    Dishwasher/Bus Boy
    Wait Staff/Cashiers

Facilities Maintenance
    Chief Engineer
    First Class Mechanic
    Second Class Mechanic
    Pin Chaser

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager $72,000 $75,600 $79,380
All Other Employees $350,000 $367,500 $385,875
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 50 50 50
Total Payroll $422,000 $443,100 $465,255

6.3 Management Team

Title: CEO/General Manager
Name: Charles “Chuck” Collins, Jr.
  Graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Industrial Education/Engineering. Taught school and coached football for two years. The highlights of his Naval career before he retired as a US Navy Commander in 1983 include:

  1. The first F-14 Aircraft Rework Project Officer. His task was to ensure approximately 1 million square feet of new construction was completed on time and on budget: outfitted work space with the highest tech equipment available, hired and trained personnel, and ensured production schedule was met.
  2. AIMD Department head on two different aircraft carriers where each received the battle efficient E award.
  3. Project Officer for developing a computer model to be used for aircraft maintenance personnel manning.

After his retirement from the Navy, he designed and was the general contractor on Virginia’s first computerized-scoring bowling center. He was the owner and general manager of the center for ten years. During this time he was also the consultant on several other new centers which were built in Virginia. He was selected as Hampton Roads Bowling Association’s Man of the Year in 1986.

Responsibilities:  Design Kiln Creek Bowling Center and be the project manager during construction. He will be Kiln Creek Bowling Center’s general manager after it is open for business. He will develop and implement the operation, safety, maintenance, training, and marketing programs for the center. He will represent Kiln Creek Bowling Center at formal and informal functions.

Title: Senior Staff
Name: Jane W. Collins
  Graduated from Radford University with a B.S. in Education. Taught high school for twenty years. She was co-owner of Victory Lanes Bowling Center and managed the Bowling Center Night Club for nine years. She received an outstanding approval rating form the ABC Board and the Health Department. She hired her staff and signed all contracts for the various entertainment groups. She designed logos and purchased uniforms and required supplies.

Responsibilities:  Will be the company’s human resource director. Participate in all company business strategic plans. Coordinate all training and safety programs. Represent Kiln Creek Bowling at various formal and informal functions.

Title: Food /Beverage Manager
Name: Charles H. “Chip” Collins III
  Two years of local junior college with a business management major. Twelve years working in various positions in the restaurant business. Eight years as manager of 11th Frame Restaurant. During his tenure food sales increased while meeting or exceeding all financial goals. He started a catering and private parties program. He hired all employees, purchased the food, and ensured it was properly prepared.

Responsibilities:  Day-to-day management of the operation of the restaurant, including: hiring, menu development, inventory control, food purchase, marketing, and setting policy for cleanliness and food preparation.

Title: Accountant/Secretary
Name: Dawn Ballowe
  Has a B.S. in Accounting. Has ten years experience as lead accountant of company with five years of it in the bowling industry working with Charles Collins, Jr. She has proven secretarial skills.

Responsibilities:  Handle all secretarial duties for the company. Be company’s internal accountant with duties to include: make daily journal entries, check all deposits, revenue, make daily bank deposits, balance bank statements, compile monthly P/L, journal trial balance, account payable, check register, prepare checks for signature and prepare graphs and charts as required. Will be point-of-contact for external payroll, tax payment, and outside CPA services.

Title: Tournament Coordinator/Bowling Operations Manager
Name: James D. Bohlken

  • Retired December 2000 Newport News Planning Department Supervisor.
  • Twenty-four years on Board of Directors of Hampton Roads Bowling Association.
  • Four years President HRBA.
  • Three years Secretary HRBA.
  • Hall of Fame HRBA.
  • Twelve years Board of Directors of Virginia State Bowling Association.
  • Three years President VSBA.
  • Two years Secretary VSBA.
  • Hall of Fame VSBA.
  • State Bowling Association Director of Tournament.
  • Four year Co-Tournament Manager of Virginia Colonial Tournament, 1800 teams of four. This will move to Kiln Creek Center.

Title: Public Relations/League Coordinator
Name: To Be Selected
Background Requirements:
  Have B.S./B.A. in marketing, media, or communications. Understand the bowling/restaurant business. Have five years experience.

Responsibilities:  Develop a bowling league and tournament program. Manage the multi-media marketing, develop Internet website and update as required. Design corporation information package. Be corporation’s historian, point-of-contact for visitors, design award program and community involvement program.

Title: Bowling Equipment Facility Engineer
Name: To be selected
  B.S. in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or have five years of AMF Bowling equipment experience with an industrial electrical background.

Responsibilities:  Have a preventive maintenance program that includes all bowling equipment, restaurant equipment, and all facility equipment. Document all repair actions and determine the most economical way to maintain and repair all equipment. Establish part inventory and method of controlling usage.

Executive Support Agencies and Individuals

Individuals and organizations will be assisting as required in the areas of expertise listed below.

  • Legal Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Insurance Company
  • Banking Services
  • Architectural and Design Services