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Bowl Weevil

Products and Services

Bowl Weevil will be open Wednesday through Sunday, from 12 noon-11pm.

General Bowling
Customers can rent shoes and buy games. We will keep a full selection of adult and children’s shoes in stock, in a variety of styles – getting your shoes should feel like dressing up, not slumming it. We will offer prizes for the high scorers in each 2-hour period, and children under 12 get a prize for hitting more than 8 pins. Bowl Weevil will also introduce the bowling league experience to youths through its Saturday morning teen leagues. Families can pay a family rate to cover parents and up to 5 children.

Bowling for leagues, with league fees
We will sponsor local leagues, and our league manager will coordinate the league bowling nights. Several local groups currently travel 10 miles to go bowling and to find other teams with whom to compete. They have all expressed an interest in a closer locale that would give them special services. We are currently working with some of these groups to brainstorm league-building activities.

Food and drinks
Our kitchen will be open from 3pm to 10pm, offering retro diner foods like hamburgs and milkshakes, as well as healthier options, from pasta to eggplant parmesan. Our town has a significant vegetarian populace, and we want them to be able to enjoy bowling and snacking as much as any other customer. Starting at 5pm, we will also have a bartender to serve beer and wine and to make a limited selection of mixed drinks. Our combination nostalgic/upscale/modern menu will help make Bowl Weevil a destination spot, and our experienced chef has a number of ideas for seasonal specials using local ingredients.

We will also have a rotating stock of Arcade games. We will keep track of which kinds of games (1st person shooters, driving games, strategy games) seem to be the most popular, and adjust our offerings to maximize revenue. These games will be another way for families to entertain all their children, while some family members bowl.

Pull-tabs are two-ply laminated paper tickets that contain perforated windows which conceal various game symbols, numbers, etc.  These tickets have either three (3) or five (5) windows and various game themes.  They are sold only at establishments that hold a Class C liquor license and are licensed by the state lottery to sell pull-tab tickets (we have such a license).

The front of each pull-tab ticket contains the name of the game, the cost of a ticket, the winning symbol combinations, the prize values, and the overall odds of winning a prize.  The back of the ticket contains the perforated windows that open to reveal the game symbols.  Under each window are winning and losing symbols. The overall odds of winning a prize on a pull-tab ticket are approximately 1 in 6.

Parties and Special Events
Bowl Weevil will be available for birthday parties and special events. On the first Friday of every month, we will have a DJ or live band and a theme night aimed at local teens. We will also offer group rates and special events for local churches, community organizations, and companies.