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The Two Wheeled Oracle

Management Summary

Alwy Laate, the founder and owner received his bachelor degree in philosophy from Washington & Jefferson College. During the summers, Alwy worked for a bicycle messenger service in Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, Alwy managed a bicycle shop, pursuing his interest in the bicycling industry. After two years of work in the bicycle industry Alwy was no longer challenged. In addition to a lack of challenge, Alwy was pressured by his parents, implicitly but forcefully, to achieve a graduate education. Alwy took the LSAT’s and moved to Oregon for Law School. 

During his first year of law school, Alwy was interested in law, however, was unsure about practicing law. He heard about the joint degree program that coupled with the law program, added an extra year (four total) to school, but also added an MBA. Intrigued by this, Alwy took the GMAT’s and entered the joint degree program. Alwy graduated with a JD/MBA and had to figure out what to do next. Alwy was intrigued by public interest law, so he worked for a large form in Portland that allowed associates to bill 20% of their required hours out to pro bono causes. Alwy chose environmental organizations. 

After three years of practicing law, enough was enough. There was no longer enjoyment in it and Alwy had to find a job that was enjoyable. He brainstormed a way to combine the business skills from his MBA, his networking contacts from his law practice, and his love of cycling. One day the business model of the Two Wheeled Oracle hit him and the rest, as they say, is history.

6.1 Personnel Plan

The Oracle will consist of Alwy completing HR functions, marketing functions, and general business management. The company will hire a full-time dispatcher and eight bicycle messengers. While bicycle messengers seem to be transient, the training of a new one is relatively quick and cheap, so if one leaves, he/she can be replaced quickly.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Alwy Laate $36,000 $42,000 $48,000
Dispatcher $20,400 $20,400 $20,400
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Messenger $17,280 $17,280 $17,280
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $177,360 $183,360 $189,360