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Coach House Bed and Breakfast


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

We are positioned to take advantage of the new push for new kinds of lodging with home exchange and airbnb and the like. The Marsh Hen’s history demonstrates that money can be made in this area simply by existing. We continue to see that Tybee Island, in general, is under exposed as a winter vacation destination. We plan to aggressively pursue guests from the north while introducing Tybee Island to this under-tapped market population. We also plan to use the B&B for local patrons by opening it for catered parties, receptions, etc.

Subscriptions to the booming web services platforms will provide international exposure for nominal annual fees. Committing to staying in the building to book reservations and opening the B&B to diverse groups of people will also increase bookings.

Sales Plan

Coach House will sell its rooms directly to repeat customers, as well as via traditional travel agents and through the Internet. All reservations will be handled by Mr. Maesch. Repeat customers will have the privilege of priority reservations during the high season. As mentioned above, the new owners will also list Coach House on, which will make it available to millions of international tourists.


Locations & Facilities

As the B&B becomes established through the peak season, we plan to expand our services to the residents of Tybee and Savannah in time for the off-season. The adjoining rooms open creating a large area, ideal for formal or informal gatherings (i.e. wedding receptions, office parties, Christmas parties, etc.). The outdoors, with its access to the beach, a beautiful, tropical front yard, and a private deck, opens several additional opportunities. A gazebo in the front yard would make the perfect location for a wedding, as would the sand and surf for those that prefer a beach wedding. With the capability for a catered reception inside, Coach House will make the event smooth and easy for the guests. Immediate family or selected members of the wedding party would be able to stay at the B&B ,while other party members will be referred to neighboring Inns. This collaborative practice is not new to Tybee, but Coach House will be a new member in the exchange.

Tourists will want to explore the riches of Chatham County (Bonaventure Cemetery, River Street, Worms Low, Savannah’s historic district, market square, dolphin tours, the marinas, and Fort Pulaski to name a few). In addition to providing information about such locations, we plan to collaborate with tour agencies and businesses throughout the area by offering packages and special rates with in-kind incentives for the cooperating merchants, including tours originating from the Coach House.

Amenities that go beyond the typical B&B will include:

  • Pralines on pillows.
  • A complimentary music CD for each room that the guest may keep (copy included in packet).
  • An extensive video and audio library for guest use.
  • CD stereo systems and VCRs in each room.
  • Starbucks coffee.
  • A variety of herbal teas.
  • Daily fresh-baked muffins and fresh fruit.
  • Links to other businesses and services on the island and the mainland.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Q4 Review
Jan 16, 2019
Dec 15, 2020
Q1 review
Apr 11, 2021
Q2 Review
July 11, 2021
Q3 Review
Oct 15, 2021

Key Metrics

Our key metrics are:

  • # of airbnb reviews. Star ratings. 
  • # of facebook page views, and star ratings.
  • # of Google reviews, and star ratings. 
  • # of local residents who are staying here 
  • # of reviews 
  • # of rooms that are occupied 
  • # of rooms that stay unoccupied over the month