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Foosball Hall

Web Plan Summary

The website will be used as a form of communication aimed primarily at the competitive players. The competitive players are those that use the Internet to stay in touch with the rest of the foosball community. This community, as perviously mentioned, is somewhat small but close knit. The Internet provides the perfect communication medium. The casual players are unlikely to use the website much, they will be looking for a casual place to have fun and pass the time and an Internet search is usually not used to find new places. 

The website will provide viewers with information regarding the services and products offered by Foosball Hall. In addition to providing information, the website will be linked into the different associations websites as a venue for tournament play.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The website will be marketed in two ways. The first will be submissions to popular search engines such as Google. This will allow people who are searching for Madison based foosball to reach Foosball Hall’s website. The second marketing strategy is the complimentary linking of sites with the local and regional foosball associations. With complimentary links used, surfers who are already on a complimentary website such as the associations website will be guided to Foosball Hall’s site and hopefully made aware of the new venue for foosball play.

6.2 Development Requirements

The development requirements for the site will be met by a computer science student. This type of student will be used for two reasons: the typical below market rates, and the technical expertise that they offer.