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Foosball Hall

Management Summary

Foosball Hall is being led by Stan Spinner. Stan received his undergraduate degree in philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. It was here that Stan was first introduced to foosball. His fraternity had a table and he immediately enjoyed the game. At his fraternity there were always people lined up waiting to play.

During his undergraduate days, Stan managed a pool hall. This was valuable because it taught him general business skills, paid well, and required his time at night, preventing a conflict with his schooling. Stan recognized that his ultimate dream was to create his own business, to be his own boss. With this in mind, and recognizing his reasonable assessment that his business skill set was not totally complete, Stan decided to enroll in The University of Wisconsin’s MBA Entrepreneurship Program.

At this point Stan was aware that having a foosball hall was a viable business opportunity. While the immediacy of starting it as soon as possible to be the first to market was valuable, he recognized his deficiencies in his skill set and ultimately decided to continue school and begin his business after his degree was completed. Having this insight as to his work passion and how to execute it was invaluable to Stan as he went through all his course work with the goal of starting his own business when he graduated.

7.1 Personnel Plan

Stan will be the driving force behind Foosball Hall. His responsibilities include but not limited to: vendor relations and product procurement, marketing, sales, accounting (initially), tournament formation and management, and bar tending. In addition to Stan the following positions will need to be filled:

  • Bartender: In addition to tending bar and serving drinks, this position will help with the cleaning and busing of tables as well as opening and closing activities. When it is slow the position will also assist in the limited food preparation. There will be multiple bartenders, typically having part-time shifts.
  • Bartender assistant: This position will back up the bartender in any activities that are needed such as cleaning, busing tables, assistance will table rental. This position will also help out with many of the back-end activities. There will be multiple people holding this position.
  • Bookkeeper: This position will be filled during month five when business begins to pick up. Initially Stan will be taking care of these functions, however once business picks up there is no value added for Stan to do these functions so he will hire someone on a part-time basis.
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Stan $24,000 $26,000 $33,000
Bartenders $17,800 $36,000 $56,000
Bartender assistants $14,500 $18,600 $20,000
Bookkeeper $7,200 $6,000 $12,000
Total People 8 8 8
Total Payroll $63,500 $86,600 $121,000