Business Cashflow Solutions, Inc.

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Automated Accounting Business Plan

Executive Summary

Business Cashflow Solutions, Inc. offers small- and medium-sized businesses services that reduce invoicing expenses, speed receipt of monies, and allow authorization and recovery of paper drafts.

1.1 Objectives

  1. Total receivables of $38,000 in Year 1.
  2. Monthly receivables of $3,000 by the sixth month of operation.
  3. Minimum of 10% increase in receivables per month.
  4. Receivables of $10,000 per month by the eighteenth month of operation.

1.2 Mission

Business Cashflow Solutions, Inc., offers small- and medium-sized businesses access to services that increase available operating funds by automating accounts receivable for more timely payment, and allowing merchants to accept paper checks with confidence.

As a service company, we pledge to our customers:

  1. Exceptional value for all services rendered.
  2. Timely response to questions and concerns.
  3. Total honesty and integrity.

1.3 Keys to Success

  1. Direct, person-to-person marketing.
  2. Participation in professional business organizations.
  3. Frequent follow-up and reselling the value of our services.

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