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Business Cashflow Solutions, Inc.

Management Summary

We are a small company, owned and operated by XYXY, as a subchapter S corporation.

XYXY- President

XYXY will be the salesperson. He will also be responsible for marketing and promotion of services. He will develop and maintain the company website. He will be responsible for desktop publishing for the company. He will lecture at speaking engagements. He will assist in bookkeeping and clerical functions.

XXXX- Secretary-Treasurer

XXXX will maintain all the company records and be in direct contact with the accountant. She will be responsible for data entry of all customer files. She will assist in desktop publishing of marketing materials.

The management team consists entirely of the founders themselves.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Our plan is for the owners to hold unsalaried positions until January 2001. At that point, they will each receive a salary of $28,000 per year, increasing to $40,800 per year in 2002. These figures are reflected in the following table as well as in the Profit and Loss table.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
XYXY $2,400 $28,800 $40,800
XXXX $2,400 $28,800 $40,800
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $4,800 $57,600 $81,600

6.2 Management Team

XYXY will be directly responsible for administration and sales. XXXX will be responsible for clerical and bookkeeping.

As soon as a positive cash flow of $3,000 per month is achieved, 2 commissioned salespeople will be hired as independent contractors. Our plan is to recruit these 2 salespeople in major metropolitan areas outside of Virginia.

6.3 Management Team Gaps

The owner has been working in an environment in which decisions about marketing and advertising sources were made by upper management. ZZZZ will be our source for marketing materials, brochures, and advertising materials. They offer a comprehensive support system for their licensees in all aspects of day-to-day business, and we will rely heavily on this support system.

Another task that is not an area of expertise is accounting and tax issues. XYXY’s CPA will be contracted to oversee our bookkeeping and cash management.