CollisionSyzygy, Inc.

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Auto Insurance Claims Business Plan

Management Summary

William Smith is the founder and president of CollisionSyzygy. He has begun the process of expanding the company with positions needed to gain momentum in accomplishing the key milestones listed in the last section.

Karen Zabo has a substantial background in banking management and will lead the administration and marketing side of the business as vice president. Her primary functions include overall management of administrative activities, and supervising the customer service and sales representative departments.

Harry Bannister has significant trade skills and management experience in the collision repair business. He will serve as vice president of Operations. His job will be to oversee and manage the technical aspects of CollisionSyzygy, including staff appraisers, the body shop network, and the independent appraisers.

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6.1 Management Team Gaps


6.2 Personnel Plan

The following table estimates personnel costs from June 1, 2000 to May 31, 2002.

Personnel Plan
FY 2001 FY 2002 FY 2003
President $120,000 $144,000 $172,800
Vice-President Operations $85,000 $97,750 $112,413
Vice-President Administration $85,000 $97,750 $112,413
IS Manager $85,000 $97,750 $112,413
CFO $41,665 $115,000 $132,250
COO $41,665 $115,000 $132,250
Software Developers (2) $150,000 $172,500 $198,375
Staff Appraisers (Total) $320,004 $640,000 $736,000
Customer Service Rep's (Total) $162,000 $324,000 $372,600
Marketing Rep's (Total) $99,996 $250,000 $287,500
Marketing Rep 10% x Net Income Bonus $136,560 $196,200 $225,630
Operations Manager $35,415 $97,750 $112,413
Administrative Manager $31,250 $86,250 $99,188
Total People 24 43 43
Total Payroll $1,393,555 $2,433,950 $2,806,243
CollisionSyzygy, Inc. auto insurance claims business plan management summary. CollisionSyzygy, Inc. is a generic claims administrator, establishing a Direct Repair Program network in the auto body repair industry between insurance companies and repair shops.