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Legal Associates Temp Agency


The Legal Associated Temp Agency will provide law firms with experienced temp attorneys. LATA will have both generalist and specialty temp attorneys who are able “enter a firm/project on their feet running” with minimal training and supervision. LATA’s services will be attractive to firms who need help quickly and do not have the time or money to interview, hire, and train an attorney for the short term project.

LATA also provides temp attorneys to firms who want to use LATA’s service as a replacement for their HR department. In this situation, LATA will perform all of the HR functions of interviewing, training, hiring, and payroll, allowing the firm to quickly bring someone on board and use them for several months as a probationary period, if they like the attorney they may then convert them into a full-time employee while paying LATA a small fee to allow us to give up our rights to the temp attorney.