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Martini Astrology and Tarot

Executive Summary

Martini Astrology and Tarot is a Eugene, OR based business that specializes in astrology and tarot reading. Martini will initially be a home-based service provider operating out of the owner’s home. The founder and owner, Sarah Esppe will also offer out-call services by appointment. Sarah has forecasted the need to open a dedicated office somewhere between Years One and Three.

Martini will be based in Eugene, OR, a liberal, alternative community within the Willamette river valley. Martini will target three distinct customer segments. The first segment is composed of the under 29 year olds. This segment is growing at 15% a year and has 95,000 potential customers. The second group is aged 30-45 years with a 10% growth rate and 150,000 potential people. The last group that will be targeted is the over 46 year olds. This group is has the slowest annual growth rate of 5% with 50,000 people.

Martini’s readings will be used for consulting and entertainment purposes. Sarah’s goal will be to develop long-term relationships with the majority of her clients, utilizing her services on a weekly or bi-weekly interval. Sarah will obtain this goal by providing her clients with relevant, accurate, and quality readings at reasonable rates.

As mentioned previously, Sarah Esppe is the sole proprietor of Martini. Sarah has been providing readings for four years. Sarah’s formal training began at the Iowa Center for Astrology, recognized as one of the top three facilities in the United States. Sarah completed their 8-month program and was awarded their respected certification. Following her time at the Iowa Center, Sarah studied for four months at Tarot University in New Orleans, receiving the highest level of certification available, the Master Tarot Reader degree. Sarah will leverage this formal training to provide the finest astrology and tarot consultations.

Martini is an exciting start-up business. Sales have been conservatively forecasted to reach $68,000 in sales in Year One, rising to $86,000 by Year Three. Sarah will reach profitability in Year One.

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1.1 Objectives

The objectives for the business are:

  1. Reaching break-even and positive cash flow.
  2. Make enough of a profit to maintain a location outside my home and purchase a stand at the Saturday Market and area festivals and fairs.
  3. Earn a reputation as an accurate and entertaining tarot and astrological reader.

1.2 Mission

Martini Astrology and Tarot will offer high-quality, personal astrology and tarot readings for entertainment purposes. I will offer a high level of personalized, accurate readings tailored to my clients’ needs. I will be available for in-call and out-call readings at varying prices to make astrological and tarot readings more accessible and reasonable for my clients. To gain customers’ respect and trust, Martini must be known for a high level of accuracy and quality.

1.3 Keys to Success

  1. Satisfying clients with accurate and complete quality readings for a reasonable price.
  2. Developing enough word-of-mouth and advertising revenue to maintain a client base.
  3. Purchasing a booth at the Saturday Market, where I will be able to give tarot and astrology readings each weekend.