KnaelHaed ASPware, Inc.

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ASP Software Developer Business Plan

Web Plan Summary

The user interface should reflect the KnaelHaed ASPware "look-and-feel" and offer simplified functionality for non-technical users. In addition an administrative management console is needed to simplify the management of a large number of client accounts. Additional development will provide the value-added features that distinguish the KnaelHaed ASPware products from the rest of the competition.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

With the optimized keywords and meta-texts in position, KnaelHaed ASPware needs to do one final step, which is to post the site for multiple popular search engines. The positioning on Yahoo! Search and Google must indicate KnaelHaed ASPware under keywords such as "home construction", "construction project", "contractors", and "builders."

6.2 Development Requirements

Client experience is determined by the front-end associated with the KnaelHaed ASPware website. KnaelHaed ASPware's interface should provide a work environment that is easy to configure and use, serves the functional needs of the client, and enhances the image and brand of KnaelHaed ASPware itself. The Company will undertake a development process to identify and implement solutions that meet the needs of the target market base.

In managing a large number of accounts, KnaelHaed ASPware's server must include a management console that offers a high degree of automation. Enterprise based solutions are designed to be used by a single management team and offer similar access to all users. KnaelHaed ASPware will also develop a management console that provides for the deployment of KnaelHaed ASPware servers at multiple physical locations across a number of organizations.

A comprehensive solution will support remote access from a variety of Internet browsers, including Tablet PC and other appliances.

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