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Discover Productions

Products and Services

Discover Productions is developing its own B2B Web-based applications with their first product expected to be release in June 2000 and additional products to follow every six to eight months.

3.1 Product and Service Description

The following is a list of products and services offered by Discover Productions.

  1. Web applications. Discover Productions provides Web applications development for both internal and external customer websites that need dynamic site and business process flow automation.
  2. E-commerce solutions. Utilizing a combination of Discover Productions’ Web design services and Goldwin’s e-commerce software the company is able to provide quality e-commerce solutions. Discover Productions offers a selection of products that allow customers to build an online store or add catalogs and shopping cart functions to a pre-existing site.
  3. Web hosting solutions. Discover Productions provides Web hosting solutions for customers needing high availability servers. Discover Productions offers cost effective solutions and competitive pricing to grow a customer’s presence on the Web. From its Basic Hosting Plan to its Gold Star Plan, Discover Productions offers reliable technology and customer support utilizing high speed networks and 24×7 servers.
  4. Co-location. Discover Productions provides co-location of Internet servers for customers needing high speed Internet access but wanting to manage their own equipment.
  5. Web design services. Discover Productions provides Web design services for customers seeking to establish a Web presence. Discover Productions can design and develop a company’s Web presence in order for them to be competitive in today’s industry, as well as helping them to automate their business process flow. Discover Productions offers cost effective solutions and competitive pricing by offering Web development packages from a basic site plan to a full company site. Discover Productions can provide a quote based upon development of internal or external Web applications.
  6. Disaster recovery solutions. Utilizing its in-house backup methodology, Discover Productions provides disaster recovery solutions.
  7. Network design solutions. Discover Productions uses its in-house expertise to provide network design solutions.
  8. Computing design solutions (Unix and NT).  Discover Productions uses its in-house expertise to provide computing design solutions for NT, Windows 2000 and Unix.
  9. Equipment service. Discover Productions provides equipment service by reselling a 24×7 strategic alliance partner’s services.
  10. Software and hardware. Discover Productions sells computer software and hardware using public and private e-commerce solutions.

3.2 Future Products and Services

Discover Productions plans on developing its own B2B Web-based applications this year. Utilizing a strong think-tank development team, the company will release smaller products every 6 to 8 months with their first product to launch in June, 2000. Discover Productions’ main product offering will be a complete line of educational Web-based programs and will release in 2001. These programs will feature the latest in XML, Web, and multi-media technology. The educational learning programs will utilize the latest in artificial intelligence and neural network programming to be marketed to home, educational institutes, government, and commercial sectors.

Key components of Discover Productions’s initial product development strategy can be summarized as follows.

  1. Employee/Employer Web E-portal. This Web-based application will target strategic industries to bring employees and employers together. Current sites target only the technology market whereas Discover Productions will market to blue-collar industries. The release date for their first site is June 1, 2000, and will target the Waste Industry with the Oil Industry to follow next. Additional market targets will be released every six months.
  2. CPA/Business E-portal. Although several accounting packages exist today both Web and computer based, no application is currently bringing together the accountant and small to mid-sized business. Discover Productions plans on bringing to market a Web-based accounting application that will simultaneously bring together both the customer and their accountant/CPA with all the information being available to both parties through the secure Discover Productions computing facility. Discover Productions will target strategic alliances with companies such as Intuit, PeachTree, and Solomon, makers of current accounting packages.
  3. Educational E-portal. Today’s educational programs, although full of rich multi-media and loads of information, still teach to students in the same manner that has been utilized for years. The biggest failing of education programs today is that they teach the same information the exact same way to every student. Discover Productions realizes that every student is different, and their new suite of educational applications will be designed utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence driven neural network programming. This will allow the Educational Program to modify itself to teach to each student based upon each student’s comprehension and ability. The software will be marketed with Educational Modules that can be downloaded or accessed via the Internet directly from the Discover Productions hosting facility. Companies can also design their own Educational Modules and have their own corporate e-portal by purchasing the core AI program and development kit. This revolutionary new concept in education can be marketed to all industries, companies, schools, and institutes. Discover Productions plans on marketing this product to company training programs initially, and then marketing to schools and institutes.
  4. R&D, Think Tank. Discover Productions utilizes a think tank model in their approach to developing products. Utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art technology, development groups are organized to discuss and develop new products. Staff are encouraged and rewarded for bringing to the table new and innovative product ideas. Revenue is generated from these new ideas as well as companies contracting services for the use of the Discover Productions think tank.