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Hart Fraeme Gallery

Web Plan Summary

Hart Fraeme Gallery is currently developing a website at the address This website will serve three purposes:

  1. The primary function of the website will be to serve as a reference for both Hart Fraeme Gallery staff and customers. Hart Fraeme Gallery will carry the artwork of a large variety of artists and publishers, and a website will be the solution to several practical issues. First, the sheer amount of artwork available makes it impossible to stock and display everything. Second, because artwork comes from a great many sources, a website is an effective way to centralize information and make it accessible to customers.
  2. The website will also be an online store, where customers can order artwork, as well as a small selection of custom framing. Although the website will generate only a small amount of income, this additional cash flow will be used to finance the website.
  3. The Hart Fraeme Gallery website will have company information, including contact info and services offered.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The biggest marketing opportunity that Hart Fraeme Gallery has is offered through publishers and artists. To support their dealers, many artists and publishers promote exchanging links. This not only directs customers to local dealers, but also helps improve ranking on search engines.

Hart Fraeme Gallery will also include the website address on all stationery, including letterhead, business cards, and order forms, as well as in all advertisements and on shipping containers.

6.2 Development Requirements

Hart Fraeme Gallery has already secured hosting with a local provider, Berry Bros, Inc. Berry Bros will provide the required technical services, including FTP support and security. Additionally, they will prepare a monthly statistical usage report for use in analyzing and improving web usage.

Website design and development will be handled by Andrew Johnson, an independent Web developer who specializes in dynamic multimedia databases. Early meetings with Mr. Johnson have been productive, and he is confident that the website will be finished by August of 2005.

Basic website maintenance, including updates and data entry will be handled by Hart Fraeme Gallery staff. Mr. Johnson has proposed creating a simple tool that will greatly speed data entry by allowing Hart Fraeme Gallery staff to add, remove, and edit database material, rather than relying on Mr. Johnson for any changes. Site content, such as images and text will be maintained by Mr. Fraeme, who is proficient with several computer languages, including HTML and ASP.