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The Art Sentry


The Art Sentry provides both residential and commercial customers with art packaging and installation services.  The packaging services will be useful for art that is going to be stored or shipped.  The hanging services can be used if a new piece is going to be mounted in a home or business, or if an existing piece will have a new home within an existing room/structure.

The Art Sentry’s professional skills were learned through 12 years of practical experience as a shipper, as well as a head installer/packer for a nationally recognized museum of art.  The Art Sentry’s services differ vastly from other shipping vendors, such as the Mail Boxes, etc.-type shipper or the handyman installer.  Having the credentials of a packer is not sufficient to ensure zero damage in shipment.  The packaging of art is a science in itself.  Having a specialized art packager prepare the work for shipment is inexpensive insurance for the feeling of security that the item is well protected and likely to arrive at the destination undamaged. The Art Sentry is differentiated from the standard handyman that uses traditional wire to hang the works. Wire is a fundamentally flawed method of hanging pieces because of the inherent instability of the hanging method.  The Art Sentry only uses hooks to mount pieces.  The use of hooks eliminates the possibility of shifting of the object.  The hooks take more time and precision to set up but are the only proper way of hanging art pieces of any value.

The Art Sentry charges clients either a flat project rate (that would be calculated after viewing the proposed requirements) or an hourly rate.