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Pyramid Engineering

Management Summary

The company will be led by the four principals: John Lavoie, Tom Heasley, John Solarczyk and Eric Haugh.  

John Lavoie has over 50 years of experience in electrical engineering, project management, and consulting management for both large consulting firms and industry.He has designed power distribution, lighting, communication, security and fire protection systems for both newly constructed and renovated industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.  He is equally familiar and experienced in primary power, distribution, variable speed drives systems, PLC, process control and instrumentation.  His consulting firm management experience will provide the firm with direction and guidance needed in development of a new firm.

Tom Heasley has over 17 years of experience in electrical engineering and project management.  His experience includes the design of medium and low voltage distribution systems, interior and exterior lighting, HVAC power and control, fire protection and alarm systems, security and CCTV systems, computer power, UPS and PLC control systems.  Tom will be in charge of all electrical design.

John Solarczyk has over 14 years experience in mechanical engineering and project management.  His experience includes the design of chilled water, hot water steam and heat pump systems, performing energy efficient surveys, and utilizing measuring and testing equipment.  He is also very familiar with the latest building control systems, in particular, direct digital control systems. John will be in charge of all HVAC and mechanical design.

Eric Haugh has over 11 years experience in mechanical engineering.  His experience includes the design of sanitary, storm, domestic water, gas and medical gas systems.  He is also NICET certified in sprinkler system layout, which includes the design of wet, dry, FM200 and standpipe fire protection systems.  Eric will be in charge of all plumbing and fire protection designs.

All four principals have professional engineering licenses in multiple states.

7.1 Personnel Plan

The Personnel table summarizes payroll for the next three years. John Lavoie will work on a part-time basis, while the other three partners will work full-time. We have no plans to hire any other employees at this time.

Our labor costs represent the direct cost of sales, but payments are made monthly, regardless of hours billed to clients.

Personnel Plan
2004 2005 2006
John J. Solarczyk $73,452 $76,144 $78,069
Thomas C. Heasley $78,696 $84,159 $86,744
Eric C. Haugh $73,452 $76,144 $78,069
John M. Lavoie $22,728 $22,843 $24,722
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 4 4 4
Total Payroll $248,328 $259,290 $267,604