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Pyramid Engineering

Company Summary

Pyramid Engineering was incorporated four years ago and is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Comprised of highly qualified registered professional engineers, Pyramid provides services in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering. Market segments serviced by the firm include local and state governments, educational institutions, health care facilities, and commercial groups with facilities needed design, updates, or repair.

Pyramid’s engineers are registered in a total of 22 states and the District of Columbia, and together have over 90+ years of combined work experience. As a result of talent, dedication and hard work, Pyramid is able to provide expertise and leadership throughout an interactive design process. By maintaining communication and integrated design concepts, Pyramid creates a design unique to its clients’ needs.

Our services include consulting, engineering and design services, from conceptional design through building start-up, on a wide variety of facilities, including new and upgraded commercial, institutional, governmental, and health care complexes. Our focus will be public and private sector architectural markets in the Northeast, and direct consulting to government and health care groups with multiple facilities.

2.1 Company History

Pyramid Engineering was founded by the four partners. In 2000 it was incorporated as a professional corporation. The company was operated as a part time enterprise, building its initial client base. In October 2002, full time operation was started on a progressive schedule, until all of the partners were full time in May 2003.

In keeping with the company philosophy of avoiding the use of large start-up debt, the goal was to start-up as inexpensively as possible. This is in line with industry figures that show that engineering and consulting start-ups are ideal entrepreneurial opportunities with low start-up costs.

Total start-up expense was financed from accounts received from the 1999 through 2002 revenues. No salaries or payments to the partners were made during this initial start-up period.

Full time operation was started with existing revenues and accounts receivable of over $60,000. This was coupled with an initial SBA line of credit loan of $50,000 to cover the day to day operation and salary expense. Accounts receivable are billed monthly and usually paid net 60 days.

Architectural engineering business plan, company summary chart image

Past Performance
2001 2002 2003
Sales $0 $63,261 $225,907
Gross Margin $0 $63,261 $225,907
Gross Margin % 0.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Operating Expenses $0 $25,341 $249,828
Collection Period (days) 0 72 74
Balance Sheet
2001 2002 2003
Current Assets
Cash $0 $35,119 $2,599
Accounts Receivable $0 $25,040 $67,130
Other Current Assets $0 $0 $0
Total Current Assets $0 $60,159 $69,729
Long-term Assets
Long-term Assets $0 $5,345 $9,628
Accumulated Depreciation $0 $5,345 $5,345
Total Long-term Assets $0 $0 $4,283
Total Assets $0 $60,159 $74,012
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $0 $0 $7,666
Current Borrowing $0 $0 $29,609
Other Current Liabilities (interest free) $0 $0 $0
Total Current Liabilities $0 $0 $37,275
Long-term Liabilities $0 $0 $0
Total Liabilities $0 $0 $37,275
Paid-in Capital $0 $0 $0
Retained Earnings $0 $60,159 $55,858
Earnings $0 $0 ($19,121)
Total Capital $0 $60,159 $36,737
Total Capital and Liabilities $0 $60,159 $74,012
Other Inputs
Payment Days 30 30 30
Sales on Credit $0 $63,261 $225,907
Receivables Turnover 0.00 2.53 3.37

2.2 Company Ownership

Pyramid Engineering, P.C. was created as a professional corporation chartered in Pennsylvania.   The company is privately owned by the four founding partners.

  1. John M. Lavoie, P.E.   Mr Lavoie has over 50 years of diverse experience in electrical engineering, project management, and management for both large consulting firms and industry. He has designed power distribution, lighting, communication, security and fire protection systems for both newly constructed and renovated industrial, commercial, and institutional  buildings. He is equally familiar and experienced in primary power distribution, variable speed drives systems, PLC, process control and instrumentation.
  2. Thomas C. Heasley, Jr., P.E.   Mr Heasley has over 17 years of experience in electrical engineering and project management. His experience includes the design of medium and low voltage distribution systems, interior and exterior lighting, HVAC power and control, fire protection and alarm systems, telecommunications, security and CCTV systems, computer power, UPS and PLC control systems.
  3. John J. Solarczyk, P.E.   Mr Solarczyk has over 14 years experience in mechanical engineering and project management. His experience includes the design of chilled water, hot water, steam and heat pump systems, performing energy efficiency surveys, and utilizing measuring and testing equipment. He is also very familiar with the latest building control systems, in particular, direct digital control systems.
  4. Eric C. Haugh, P.E.   Mr Haugh has over 11 years experience in mechanical engineering. His experience includes the design of sanitary, storm, domestic water, gas and medical gas systems. He is NICET certified in sprinkler system layout, which includes the design of wet, dry, FM200 and standpipe systems.