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Wasatch Family Fun Center

Management Summary

Our company philosophy is based on mutual respect for all contributions made by our participating or limited partners, investors, consultants, and employees without regard to the position held in the company.  Those who work with I&B Investments will learn to enjoy and trust our partnership environment, because we all strive to create an environment that enables us to work smarter-not harder and suggestions are valued, appreciated and rewarded.

I&B Investments will also work toward establishing community involvement programs that will demonstrate how our business can contribute to a better quality of community life.  Projects such as using the FEC facilities to help civic groups obtain their financial goals (by offering fundraising events); working with schools, churches, and other groups on programs for mutual benefit.

6.1 Management Team

Mark D. Bergman, Managing Partner
Mr. Bergman is a self starter and natural leader, he has been self employed in several different trades.  He is an accomplished carpenter, strip mining operation director, welder, college-trained auto mechanic, structural architectural consultant, computer operator, human resource officer, safety director, patented inventor, proven business manager and started his training under his Father who was an engineer and a successful entrepreneur. During Mr. Bergman’s career he has received numerous state and community commendations for his involvement in community improvement and youth development programs. He is also bilingual with Spanish as a second language.

Mr. Bergman has had a successful career in the construction industry, is trained in a wide range of executive level positions and has served in a number of capacities including project management, construction site OSHA safety director, manufacturing start-up, and national marketing and promotions. Mr. Bergman’s strongest personality trait is his natural leadership ability.

Responsibilities: Design and manage the construction phase and serve as the operations director.  Develop and implement the operation, safety, maintenance and training programs for the center.

Joseph L. Hull, Manager Operations (GM) & Public Relations Officer
Mr. Hull has degrees in chemistry, german and a masters degree in education. He is bilingual with German as a second language. He is also highly skilled in the art of negotiations, public relations, oversight of complex budgets, business management and problem solving.  He was elected and served as a Utah State Representative for six years and as a Utah State Senator for eight years.  He has served on several Federal & State Legislative committees and task-forces.  He has been recognized and received awards from various Universities, School Districts, Highway Patrol Associations, the National Guard, State Parks Department, Utah’s Foreign Language Teacher of the Year, Utah’s Public Safety Department, Utah’s Legislative Award of Excellence, Friend Of Agriculture from Utah’s Farm Bureau and is on Utah’s Educations Honor Roll.

Responsibilities: Participate in the company’s strategic business plan; coordinate training and operation programs; act as opening (mornings to midday) operations director; customer service director and public relations consultant once the center is open.

Darren B. Strebel, Manager of Promotions and Media
Mr. Strebel has served on the board of directors on housing associations and has over six years of experience with developing and operating his own businesses, which include performing the services of an investment consultant and financial planner.  His skills also encompass developing programs for company marketing, advertising, distribution and client fulfillment.  Mr. Strebel has over thirteen years experience of working for the IRS and US Postal Service, where he acquired skills that included accounting, auditing, labor negotiations, customer service and office management.

Responsibilities: Implement the direction of the marketing with day-to-day management responsibility towards designing of art and graphics work and promoting of the company’s FECs.

Rod  Schaffer, Treasurer/Comptroller
Mr. Schaffer is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has a B.S. degree in accounting as well as a B.S. in Music Education. He has worked as an independent public accountant and taxation consultant for over ten years and has extensive experience with tax filings of all types as well as budgeting and financial matters. Mr. Schaffer has also provided various corporate services including the preparation of corporate bylaws for various structures including LLCs, DBAs and both S and C corporations.

Responsibilities:  Will serve as the company’s comptroller whose duties will include daily journal entries,  corporate bookkeeping duties, revenue review, statements reconciliation, monthly P/L schedules, accounts payable and other related matters; is the point-of-contact for external payroll service contractor and independent CPA services.

Laura Strebel, Retail Space Agent and Gift Shop Manager
Ms. Strebel has owned and operated Laura Strebel Engraving & Gifts, a successful business of custom gifts and crafts, for over twenty years.  In addition, she holds a Utah State Real Estate Brokers License and has been an active real estate agent for 12 years. Ms. Strebel has also been a notary public for over two decades and was a founding member and past board member of the influential Ogden Anti-Graffiti Task Force.  She has worked with the local government on several youth outreach programs and she has sat on Utah State Legislative task forces that implemented new state laws.

Responsibilities: Seek, review and qualify tenants for leased spaces.  List and sell any property that becomes available caused by our development, manage and operate the gift and souvenir shop, assist in oversight of company’s daily accounting.

Senior Staff Consultants

Harold D. Skripsky, Entertainment and Activities Consultant
Mr. Skripsky was the founding director and past president of International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI) and is the chairman of the board of Leisure and Entertainment Trade Show (LETS), a joint venture by three industry associations which own the Fun Expo.

Mr. Skripsky began his career with the McDonald Corporation, where he quickly rose to operations manager, overseeing 110 franchise operations.  He was one of the partners who developed and opened Enchanted Castle in 1982 (a single FEC that grew to earn over $5,000,000 gross income a year).  Originally developed as a 10,000 square foot theme-oriented restaurant and game room, Enchanted Castle was expanded to 40,000 square feet in 1989.  In 1997 he sold Enchanted Castle to Ogden Entertainment, and now serves as a consultant to their entertainment division.

Responsibilities:  Ongoing review of the company’s business plan and advise/consult on all aspects of entertainment activities, assist in building design, floor layout of activities, assist with training and explaining the general functions of our FEC.

Val R. Iverson, Financial Consultant/Advisor
Mr. Iverson has degrees in distributive education and sales technology and is a licensed real estate broker.  He is highly skilled in business start-up, management, sales, marketing and fulfillment.  He is the vice president of All American Playground Equipment and a partner of American Trampoline, and thus is very experienced with sports and playground equipment manufacturing and marketing.  He is also highly skilled in subdivision-style construction.

Responsibilities:  Participate and actively consult in all phases of the company’s strategic plans. Coordinate the purchase of properties, oversee business management setup, review and consult over inventory control, review and pursue investment capital and profit oversight.

Roger Smout, Marketing and Sales Consultant
Mr. Smout is currently employed as a midwestern district sales manager for I.B.S and was voted salesman of the year for 2001-2002.  He is bilingual with Korean as a second language.  He has a bachelors degree in technical sales and has completed several focus group courses on employee management, product presentation and placement, with direct customer service experience both in-house and out in the field.  Mr. Smout has extensive hands-on experience in advertising production, graphic design layout and multimedia publishing.

Responsibilities: Consult and advise as to the company’s marketing, sales and advertising.

Steven Eames, General Contractor and Construction Consultant
Mr. Eames has been actively licensed by the State of Utah’s Contractor Licensing department for over twenty years.

Responsibilities: Be the acting general contractor for building permits, consult on construction schedule and the like.

Randy Sant, Government Redevelopment Consultant/Advisor
Mr. Sant has overseen and organized almost every redevelopment agency that has been established in the state of Utah.  To discover more about Mr. Sant and his abilities in RDA funding please type his name into your Web browser and do a search.

Responsibilities: Consult and actively setup any redevelopment agency and contracts between the company and city government.

Other Executive Support Agencies:
Legal services;
Auditing services;
Insurance company;
Banking services;
Architectural, planning and design services.

6.2 Organizational Structure

The company’s structure is as follows:

Active Managing Partners/Senior Staff Limited Partners/Senior Staff Consultants Non-Partners/Senior Staff Consultants (retained)
Mark D. Bergman
Managing Partner
Val R. Iverson
Investment, Real Estate and Financial Consultant
Harold Skripsky
Entertainment & Activities Consultant
Senator Joseph L. Hull
Operations Manager/Public Relations
Roger Smout
Sales and Marketing Consultant
Randy Sant
Redevelopment (RDA) Consultant
Laura Strebel
Retail Space Leasing Agent & Gift Shop Manager
Steven Eames
Licensed General Contractor Construction Consultant
Rod Schaffer
Darren Strebel
Manager of Promotions & Customer Service
Richard Grossenbach
Human Resource Manager

This group represents 41% of the company ownership, with the remaining percentage of the company’s ownership under the control of the managing partner, but is considered to be held in the company’s treasury and all taxes that are assessed against this percentage are paid from the general fund. 

All partners are considered to have equal voting rights as per ownership and if a vote is called, each partner is allotted one vote per percentage of ownership.  The managing partner is elected by votes and is to remain as such unless a vote is requested and the majority votes change.

The managing partner is responsible to oversee all operations and is required to inform and report to all other partners of progress.  By no means is the managing partner obligated to perform any requested function unless he is convinced that it is for the betterment of the company or if a majority of the partners request that there be a vote, or that the object in question is voted to be put before arbitration (as explained in the partnership agreement).

Administrative Operations Facilities Maintenance
General Manager Shift Leader

Lead Supervisor

Design and Function Oversight Assistant. Managers Hands on Repairman
Operations Manager Customer Service Manager Two Helpers
Human Resource Director Floor Sales
Safety Oversight Ticket Desk Operators
B-B Contact Food Handlers
Contract review Concession Carts
Tenant Leasing Agent Housekeeping
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Inventory Control
Public Relations
Customer Service Director
Activities Coordinator
Gift Shop Manager

6.3 Personnel Plan

Customer service is paramount in our business and our business plan.  The management team will accomplish this goal by targeting employees who are willing to be trained and by providing encouragement and employee incentive programs.  I&B Investments will contract with an employee leasing program to help provide the full-time staff with such things as:

  • Health care insurance
  • Dental care insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Vacation time
  • Up sell incentive programs
  • Discount passes for staff family members
  • 401k retirement plans
  • Pay checks

Our Personnel Plan reflects how we intend to utilize our peoples’ assets. Most of them will be cross trained and the management team of I&B Investments believes that an employee who is happy at work will enjoy working.  It is always easier to please customers with a staff that cares, a facility that is clean and equipment that is kept in proper working order.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Operations Personnel
John A $23,184 $24,343 $49,904 $52,399 $55,019
John B $23,184 $24,343 $49,904 $52,399 $55,019
John C $23,184 $24,343 $49,904 $52,399 $55,019
John D $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John E $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John F $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John G $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John H $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John I $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John J $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John K $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John L $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John M $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John N $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John O $15,000 $15,750 $32,288 $33,902 $35,597
John P $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
John Q $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
John R $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
John S $27,600 $28,980 $59,409 $62,379 $65,498
John T $27,600 $28,980 $59,409 $62,379 $65,498
John U $27,600 $28,980 $59,409 $62,379 $65,498
Subtotal $388,656 $408,089 $836,582 $878,411 $922,332
Sales and Marketing Personnel
Darren Strebel $27,600 $28,980 $30,429 $31,950 $33,548
Other $27,600 $28,980 $30,429 $31,950 $33,548
Subtotal $55,200 $57,960 $60,858 $63,901 $67,096
General and Administrative Personnel
Joe Hull $40,848 $42,890 $87,925 $92,322 $96,938
Rod Schaffer $18,768 $19,706 $20,692 $21,726 $22,813
Restaurant Manager $40,848 $42,890 $87,925 $92,322 $96,938
Laura Strebel $20,976 $22,025 $23,126 $24,282 $25,496
Mark Bergman $49,680 $52,164 $106,936 $112,283 $117,897
Subtotal $171,120 $179,676 $326,605 $342,935 $360,082
Other Personnel
Jack A $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
Jack B $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
Jack C $20,976 $22,025 $45,151 $47,408 $49,779
Sara A $18,768 $19,706 $40,398 $42,418 $44,539
Subtotal $77,280 $81,144 $166,345 $174,662 $183,396
Total People 32 32 32 32 32
Total Payroll $692,256 $726,869 $1,390,390 $1,459,909 $1,532,905