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Ownership & Structure

Reflecting the overall nature of the organization envisaged, there is very little hierarchy in the organizational plan for the airline. In an operation where safety and accountability are so much at issue, obviously someone has to be in charge, and there also have to be clear lines of authority (and expertise) in the operational aspects of the airline. But beyond that, the organization is designed around flexibility, a high level of personal accountability and responsibility, and common cross-training and sharing of responsibilities as need arises and circumstances permit.

The levels of organization (reflected in the personnel and salary chart in the Personnel section of this plan) are as follows:

  • President and chief executive officer (who reports to the Board of Directors of the airline company).
  • Vice president and general manager.
  • Functional vice presidents for the core areas of commercial activities, finance, and operations.
  • Directors covering sales and marketing, communications, human resources, flight safety, flight operations, ground operations, maintenance, and information systems.
  • Managers in sales and marketing, as well as in station management functions.
  • Professional, engineering, ground handling, service, and other support personnel.

On the flight side, which reports to the director of flight operations and also responds to the director of flight safety, there are only three levels of personnel:

  • Captain;
  • First officer;
  • Flight attendant.

Salary scales and levels of authority have been simplified and based on a rational scale allowing for similar levels, though of different natures, of functional work to be compensated at the same pay levels. The overall objective is to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and shared responsibility to the overall mission, which is to provide the customer and client with the best possible, safest, and most satisfying experience with the airline. Cross-training and cross-functioning are important parts of the organization plan, as explained in more detail elsewhere in this document.


Management team

A complete management team, covering the elements of administration, aviation, and finance, is being assembled. This team brings together a wide range of skills and backgrounds covering the key areas needed to form, launch, and operate the airline, and from a range of national origins.

6.3 Management Team Gaps

It is premature to speak of management team gaps until a core management team is named. The individuals who will play leading roles with the new airline will need to possess the widest possible range of the requisite skills. The current project team believes investors in the airline will want to play a key role in helping formulate core management. Once primary investment is established, that step can be undertaken, and it is anticipated that the core team will be finalized quickly.

The new airline will need people with skill, experience, energy, and vision to head up and serve in such areas as information management, flight safety, aviation operations, aviation maintenance, ground operations, sales and marketing, communications, and human resources management. Also good pilots, co-pilots, cabin crew members, and ground staff, and administrative staff.

BalkConsort anticipates putting together the best possible airline management team in the business, one that also shares the common vision of what this new airline truly can be and what it can become.