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Lansing Aviation


Lansing Aviation will provide students, instructors, and pilots with a well-maintained aircraft for individual rental and instruction. Additionally, we will provide professional and accurate aviation consulting.

3.1 Service Description

  1. Aircraft Rental: We will offer a rental aircraft clear of maintenance discrepancies to students, instructors, and individual renters.
  2. Flight Instruction: We will provide prospective students with a qualified and professional selection of independent, certified flight instructors capable of helping students obtain their desired flight ratings.
  3. Aviation Consulting: We will offer individual advice in the aviation industry including airline, corporate, and military recommendations. Additionally, we will attempt to aid our customers with job leads and references in their desired fields.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

The competitive differences are:

  1. Our aircraft will be professionally maintained to the highest standards and regulations. Flying the aircraft with broken, deferred, or damaged components will not be acceptable. Our students, renters, and instructors will not have to fly aircraft that aren’t properly maintained.
  2. We will provide renter and instructor insurance for our clients.
  3. Our 24-hour paging service will be used for aircraft scheduling and will give us a competitive edge over other aircraft rental and instruction operators that open and close according to a fixed schedule.

3.3 Sales Literature

The company will advertise its rental aircraft and flight instruction position in the Mackinac-Great Lakes Airlines System airlines pilot union newspaper, the “ALPA Times.” Additionally, brochures describing the aircraft and rental charges will also be positioned in the M-GLAS airlines’ union headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. All other initial advertising will be through word of mouth from current instructors, renters, and students.

3.4 Technology

Lansing Aviation will maintain an updated Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

  1. The aircraft will have at least two 720-channel radios for legal and practical navigation and communication purposes.
  2. The aircraft will have the required equipment and certification necessary to conduct instrument training and actual instrument flight.
  3. The aircraft will be continuously upgraded with M-GLAS Aviation Technology (M-GLAS-AT) avionics.

3.5 Future Services

In the future, Lansing Aviation will enhance their aircraft rental position by acquiring complex, high-performance, single and multi-engine aircraft for commercial and airline transport pilot training and rental.

We also hope to conduct up-to-the-minute aircraft scheduling through the use of the Internet and an online business website.