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Agriculture Farm Business Plan

Management Summary

The Botanical Bounty management team is made up of the husband and wife team of David and Sue Nealon. David studied at Pomona College, a small liberal arts school in central California. David graduated with a dual major of Business and Philosophy. David worked at a bicycle shop for a year before joining Yahoo! as employee number 34. David was a Project Manager and was in charge some business development activities. His first "home run" was the development, launching, and management of Yahoo!'s driving directions service. David recognized the value of providing people with precise, custom driving directions.

Initially is was a daunting task to develop revenue for this service which the individual users did not pay for, but David was able to generate sufficient advertising dollars specifically for his service. David was ultimately responsible for the entire project, providing him with a wealth of project management and operations skills. After this direction service became the market leader for this niche, David moved on to other projects at Yahoo! David spent a total of four years at Yahoo! providing him with a wealth of experience.

Sue Derent Nealon is the biology/horticulture manager for Botanical Bounty. Sue studied at the University of Oregon, first receiving her undergraduate degree in biology and later her Master's in Plant Biology. Sue's Master's thesis was a dual thesis in plant fertility and herbal concentrations. The plant fertility topic was a study of different types of compost and the effects on fertility. The second topic explored the interrelationships of nutrients and temperature and the effect that they have on the plants' production of the respective botanicals. The topics of her thesis were chosen based on her desire to continue with her education professionally as a grower.

After school Sue moved down to California to work at one of the largest indoor growing operations in California. Wanting to be closer to her parents, the Sue and David moved to the Willamette River Valley in Oregon in pursuit of Sue's dream of running her own farm. For the first two years she ran the farm as a hobby, just figuring things out without a concern for profits. After several serious conversations, they decided to really make the farm a business.

Playing to their strengths Sue will manage the farming operations and sales, while David handles the business operations.

6.1 Personnel Plan

  • David: Operations including vendor relations, accounting, and some growing responsibility.
  • Sue: Head grower and sales. As head grower she is responsible for supervising, scheduling plant production, the cutting schedules, crop selection, growing schedules, fertilizer selection and application schedules, irrigation system development, and pest control. Because Sue has the technical knowledge regarding the plants and their industry leading botanical concentrations, she will be in charge of sales which will include qualifying leads as well as participating in the final negotiations and account management.
  • Grower: Sue will have the assistance of a full-time grower in order to allow her to meet her sales responsibilities.
  • Laborers: The laborer positions will be seasonal as there is more work required in the summer months, however, there will always be some laborers on staff throughout the year. Some of the responsibilities of the laborers are soil tilling, compost distribution, plant collections and trimming.
Personnel Plan
2003 2004 2005
David $18,000 $18,000 $18,000
Sue $18,000 $18,000 $18,000
Grower $24,000 $27,000 $29,000
Laborers $27,000 $29,000 $32,000
Total People 4 6 6
Total Payroll $87,000 $92,000 $97,000

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