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Everywhere Assistant

Web Plan Summary

A website will be developed and used as a marketing tool to put a “face” on Everywhere Assistant.  By virtue of the type of company that Everywhere Assistant is, the only interaction or visibility that Everywhere Assistant will have with clients is conversation over the phone, an exchange of work product, as well as viewing the website.

The website will be developed to provide information of Everywhere Assistant and the services that they offer.  In addition to providing information, the website will serve as a way of creating an image or facade of Everywhere Assistant to customers who are in remote locations.  Said another way, the more professional that the website is, the more professionalism that is exuded toward Everywhere Assistant.  For many the website will be the first impression of Everywhere Assistant.  As we all know first impressions can be quite important so Everywhere Assistant has decided to invest money into the site to ensure a professional looking site.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The website will be primarily marketed through the following methods:

  • Search engine submission. When someone is interested in finding a virtual assistant they will often type “virtual assistant” into a search engine such as Google! and they will receive a list of sights that have relevance to the key word. Everywhere Assistant will submit their site and applicable key words to various search engines to ensure that they are high on the list of results.
  • URL on all printed material. For advertisements in the news paper or any correspondence from Everywhere Assistant, the website will be listed on the printed material encouraging people to visit the site and find more information.
  • Association membership. One of the values of being a member of a VA association is being included in their directory of service provider websites. Some people will go right to the association’s web page to research various VAs. In this case they will find links to Everywhere Assistant’s site.

6.2 Development Requirements

The site will be professionally developed for the cost of $5,000.